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Travelling to Mansarovar Lake & Kailash Parvat - Tirth Sthaan


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Discover Holy Destination & Pilgrimage : Tirth Sthaan

Lake Mansarovar & Kailash Parbat


There is no denying the fact that India is a land of many diverse religions, cultures and traditions. In fact, India features high up on the list of countries in the world with a rich and strong religious history.

This can be judged by the sheer number of pilgrimage spots (Tirth Sthaan) which are visited by millions of pilgrims every year through the length and breadth of the country.

What attracts devout believers and sometimes non-believers too to these age old pilgrimage sites is their thirst for spiritual enlightenment, their desire to wash away their sins and to receive God's blessings.

It is this strong and infallible faith in God that motivates Lord Shiva's bhakts to visit one of the most important and significant pilgrimages of all - the Kailash Parvat & Mansarovar Lake. 

Sacred Mount Kailash - Kailash Parvat, Tibet

Mt. Kailash or Kailash Parvat as it is commonly called is one of the world's most sacred religious place - a must-visit for those pilgrims who believe strongly in Lord Shiva and desire to receive his blessings. The Kailasha Mountain forms a part of the Mighty Himalayas in Tibet and lies near the Mansarovar Lake. What is most outstanding is the fact that this holy mountain carries strong religious significance for not just Hindus but also for the Buddhists & Jains.

Significance of Kailash Parvata (Parbat) for Hindus -

According to Hindu mythology, the Kailash Mountain is where Lord Shiva resides. This is the reason why strong believers of Lord Shiva hope to visit this holy spot at least once in their lifetime in order to receive unparalleled spiritual enlightenment and peace.

Kailash Parvat - Parikrama

Kailash Parvat - Parikrama


Parikrama Of Kailash Parvat

An essential part of the pilgrimage to Mount Kailash is the holy ritual of the Parikrama which means walking around the entire Kailash Parvat, usually on foot. The path thus covered is approx 52 km long. Trekking through this long path is difficult and physically taxing. However, devout pilgrims complete the parikrama withstanding all other problems such as motion sickness, altitude problems etc.

Lake Mansarovar

Just as Mount Kailash, the Mansarovar Lake (also called the Lake Manasa Sarovar) too holds great religious significance and is frequently visited by devotees from Tibet, India and some other neighbouring countries.

The holy Mansarovar Lake is also known as the highest fresh water body in the world, falling south of Mt. Kailash at an approx altitude of 14,950 ft above sea level.

Significance of Lake Mansarovar for Hindus -

According to Hindu Mythology, the Mansarovar Lake was created by Lord Brahma who is also known as the God Of Creation. Pilgrims follow the ritual of taking a holy dip in this sacred lake and drinking its water to cleanse themselves of their sins.

The Holy Lake Mansarovar With The Sacred Kailash Parvat in view

The Holy Lake Mansarovar With The Sacred Kailash Parvat in view

Those who have had the good fortune of visiting the holy spots of Lake Mansarovar and Kailash Parvat carry with them memories of a lifetime which remind them of the presence of Lord Shiva in their lives & gives them a feeling of peace and tranquility. The pristine beauty and serenity of these religious sites is truly awe inspiring and transcends in people the feeling of being One with Shiva - the almighty who can bring mortals out of the cycle of life and death.

Pictures courtesy - Sakshi Mittal, Contributing Traveller

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