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Non Government Organisations - NGO's India


In the midst of cut throat competition, the desire to excel and gain in terms of money, name and fame, there is one section of the society that functions not for profits but for benefiting the less privileged and solving social problems. Such an entity is known as an NGO. A Non Government Organisation (NGO) is a non profit or voluntary organisation that may be affiliated with the Government or a private sector firm and takes up social causes which are plaguing the society we live in.

Over the years, the role of such non profit organizations has grown tremendously in creating an awareness about these problems. Led by like minded persons on a local, national or international level, an NGO works towards reducing and slowly removing social problems through well defined and sustained humanitarian efforts. Some of the common issues that NGO's deal with include Women Empowerment, Gender Issues, Girl Child, Pollution, Education, Urban Development, Health, concerns of the Less Privileged, Human Rights etc.

Individuals interested in associating themselves with social causes and helping out in their own special way can volunteer with an NGO. Moreover, those who are looking to build a career in this field can gain education and training in the field of Social Work and Community Welfare. You can join an NGO as a Volunteer, Teacher, Executive, Mentor or Manager etc. Different NGO's take up different causes hence it is best for you to decide which social issue you want to associate yourself with and join the concerned organization. Some of the well known International NGO’s with branches all over the world include Bread for the World, World Wildlife Fund etc.  

List of NGO's in India & Career / Volunteer Opportunities

1) Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan - SSA

Focus : Universalization of Elementary Education in India for children.

SSA is also commonly known as 'Each One Teach One' and is a flagship programme of the Government of India. The aim of the programme has been to make elementary education compulsory and free for children in the age group of 6 - 14, especially girls. SSA is also concerned with other important factors related to education including better infrastructure in schools, maintaining an adequate number of teachers, provision of clean drinking water and clean toilets etc.

2) Nanhi Kali

Focus : Issues concerning the Girl Child.

Based in Mumbai , Nanhi Kali is a project that is aimed at providing education to the underprivileged Indian girl child thereby, providing her a chance to become independent, self reliant and confident. Nanhi Kali project is managed by Naandi Foundation and K.C. Mahindra Educational Trust.

Visit for more information.

3) Project Crayons

Focus: underprivileged and physically challenged orphan children

Project Crayons stands for Child Rehabilitation And Youth Oriented Nationwide Services  - charitable trust in Malad (W) Mumbai and works towards the upliftment of the orphan children nationwide.

Visit: for more information

For career opportunities visit:

4) Nischay Girls School

Focus: Education of under privileged girls

A noble project called 'Nischay' that provides literacy to girls below the poverty line. The venture aims not only to educate but also impart them upon necessary skills so that they are gainfully employed in future. The venture has received a tremendous response from the targeted population. A humble beginning of a few girls at its founding in November 2004 the NischayGirls School has an enrolment of 500 plus! Girls who were initially timid, unsure and hesitant are now changed individuals. They now look confident and sure, can speak and are enthusiastic to undertake any school activity.

Free education to all these girls is imparted from nursery to grade 8. All possible help is given by way of books, stationery, shoes, woolens and also the conveyance facility. The project has a well qualified faculty of nineteen teachers. Besides academic achievement, Nischay has sought to bring all around development to the girls via physical education, sports, art, music dance and computer literacy.

Nischay also imparts multifarious practical training to its students in many disciplines like:- Mehndi/Henna application, Chocolate making, Candle/Diya making, Painting, Handicrafts, Cookery classes (use of modern gadgets viz gas stove oven etc.), Tailoring and embroidery, Self grooming classes - the list is continually increasing. The money earned by the Nischay girls by the sale of these products is deposited into a Fixed Deposit Account, keep thus inculcating earning and the habit of saving from a young age. You have to see it to believe that the frightened, coy and shy girls of yester years have become completely changed individuals. They appear confident and self dependent with an altogether changed perception and mindset. They have a vision stars in their eyes and they aspire to become teachers, pilots, engineers and nurses!

Visit: for more information.

Click here for Volunteer Opportunities with Nischay Girls School, Jaipur Rajasthan

5) SARD - Society For All Round Development

Focus: Empowerment of minorities

This non profit organization works towards providing education, training and health services to girls and women. Their programs are designed to provide the necessary infrastructure and training required to set up and sustain different projects.

For more information, visit:

6) INDCARE - Integrated National Development Center For Advancements Reforms & Education

Focus: Upliftment of under privileged.

7) AIWC - All India Women's Conference

Focus: Social & Economic Issues

Based out of New Delhi, the AIWC is a Women's Voluntary organisation founded in 1927. Some of the issues handled include Child Marriage, Women's Property Rights etc.

Visit: for more information.

8) Deepalaya

Focus : Education for children and economically deprived.

Based in New Delhi, Deepalaya works towards providing training, education and learning.

For more information visit:

Volunteer opportunities:

9) Anjani Foundation

Focus: Causes of the needy, Poverty and Hunger Issues.

This is a not for profit, non Government organisation that works towards issues of hunger and poverty which are plaguing our nation.

10) Save The Children

Focus: Empowerment of children and women.

Visit: for more information.

11) The Akanksha Foundation

Focus: Less privileged children

The Akanksha Foundation is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to impact the lives of less privileged children, enabling them to maximize their potential and change their lives. Akanksha works primarily in the field of education, addressing non formal education through Akanksha centers and formal education through Akanksha schools. Akanksha currently run 60 centers and 4 schools in Mumbai and Pune, and plans to expand its school initiative in the next few years- serving over 3,500 children with a team of 700 staff, teachers and volunteers.

 Visit for more information.

For volunteering opportunities, visit

List of Non Government Organisations, Career Opportunities with NGO continued here

Free Listing of Non Government Organisations Working in India - NGO India

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Please Note: This is a partial and indicative list of Non Profit organizations compiled for informational purposes only. Some of the information has been sent to us directly by the NGO's listed here. We do not vouch for the genuineness of the information mentioned here. This list may not be free from errors.




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