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Indian Natural Stone - Marble Stones from India

Marble is a building stone that is composed of Calcium Carbonate along with some other minerals which are basic impurities and show in the form of colors such as greens, reds and pinks etc. Marble are metamorphic rocks which are a result of re crystallization of Limestones. In fact, Marble can be defined as any limestone that is capable of taking a polish!

Marble is a hard building stone and is known for its ability to take on polish very well. This is an important reason why Marble is widely used as a decorative stone as well.


Available in the form of large Marble Blocks, these blocks are then processed. Marble Slabs and Marble Tiles are prepared after cutting Marble blocks.

The mineral impurities in the composition of Marble stones give them a beautiful color and interesting patterns in the form of colored veins. Beautiful designs and patterns, varying textures and colors make Marble an excellent choice for flooring, roofing etc including a variety of other interior and exterior applications. Marble tiles are greatly in demand especially due to their ability to take on polish. Marble floor tiles (floors) look pretty and cleaning marble is not difficult at all.

Marble stones are available in colors such as shades of green, pink, red etc. The beauty of white marble is unparalleled by any other stone. 

Marble Blocks

Marble is a strong metamorphic rock and is processed into various forms so that it becomes commercially usable. Marble is naturally formed into large rectangular entities. These large masses of Marble are known as Marble Blocks. After these large blocks of Marble are excavated in Quarries, they are processed to create Marble slabs and tiles.


There are a large number of Producers, Importers and suppliers of Marble spread across the world.


Marble Slabs

There are many Producers of Marble all around the world. The large blocks of marble are processed using sawing machines to create Slabs. Slabs are large horizontal, flat pieces of stone and are used for laying out the foundation of buildings etc.


Marble slabs are available in a plethora of different sizes and shapes and used for flooring, cladding etc. Since marble is a strong stone and is available in many beautiful patterns and colors, Marble slabs are excellent choices for setting up table tops and counter tops for the kitchen etc. Besides, thick Slabs come in use in the form of gravestones etc.

Marble Slabs need proper care and handling. Breakages are very common due to improper care. Since Slabs are usually large and heavy, they must be handled with utmost care and caution. During loading and unloading, the use of the right kind of equipment is a must.

Polished slabs of Marble should be stored in a vertical position. It is best that their polished sides face each other to avoid scratches.


Marble Tiles

Marble in its most natural form is processed and cut into usable sizes and shapes. Tiles are flat sheets of any material. Marble tiles are 4 sided sheets of Marble and are generally available in the form of small tablets. These are cut into specific sizes and thickness depending on their final use eg laying out floors, walls and countertops.

Marble tiles are well polished and are available in many different colors. These look good on countertops and walls.


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