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Indian Natural Stones - Hard & Strong Limestones

Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed largely of Calcium Carbonate. It is believed that Limestone is formed in the sea beds. Besides Calcium Carbonate, Limestone is made up of many different minerals such as silica, magnesium and other organic materials such as shells, plants and other sea animals.

Limestone rocks are strong and hard. They make excellent building materials and can be carved easily. These stones can be used in varying atmospheric conditions thanks to their high degree of resistance.


The various minerals that make up a limestone rock effect its colors and shadings. Limestones are available in colors such as blue, shades of pink, yellow, brown, gray and red. The surface of limestone can take a plethora of finishes such as polished, honed, smooth and sawn etc.

The uses of Limestone are many. Limestone Blocks, Limestone Slabs, Limestone Tiles and Limestone Countertops are all available and used for different purposes.  

You may look around and see many different applications of Limestone such as

  • Limestone fireplace

  • Limestone pavement,

  • Limestone countertops

  • Limestone floor tiles as well as other limestone products.

Depending on their application, Limestones are available with a natural or polished surface. Limestone mining and limestone quarrying are large part of the Building and Construction Industry the world over.


Limestone Blocks


Limestone Quarries are rich resources of Limestone rocks. A large process of excavation is carried out to procure Limestone Blocks.

What are Limestone Blocks Limestone blocks are nothing but large masses / entities of Limestone rock. Such blocks of Limestone are solid and have a low water absorption level. Available in colors such as yellow, pink, red etc, these large Limestone blocks are further processed and cut into smaller shapes and sizes depending on their application. Limestone slabs and tiles are created from limestone blocks.


Limestone Slabs

What are Limestone Slabs? 

Limestone slabs are flat pieces of Limestone. By the process of sawing, limestone slabs are manufactured from large blocks of limestone. Slabs of Limestone are cut into different sizes and thickness making them suitable for a number of exterior as well as interior applications.

Since Limestone slabs take good polish, they look attractive when used for flooring, cladding etc. The uses of Limestone are many and what makes limestone an excellent building material is its resistance to extreme temperatures. Limestone slabs are available in a variety of colors such as brown, yellow, pink, red etc.


Limestone Tiles


What are Limestone Tiles? 

Limestone tiles are four sided (square / rectangular) pieces of limestone. By sawing Limestone blocks, limestone slabs and limestone tiles are created. Depending on their usage, limestone tiles are cut into different sizes of varying thickness.

Limestone Tiles can have a polished or a natural finish. Limestone tiles are used for both interior as well as exterior applications. Limestone floor tiles and limestone pavements are common products of limestone tiles. Limestone tiles have a low water absorption level and take good polish.


Limestone Counter Tops

Limestone Counter tops are flat planks of limestone that come in handy in kitchens, showroom etc. Limestone is a good choice for countertops due to its texture and natural look.

Being resistant to water and extreme temperatures, limestone countertops are ideal for gardens. They are useful and attractive.


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