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Institute Name: Poomully Aramthampuran's Kalarisangham  

Courses Offered: POOMULLY MANA Poomully Mana, the home of the wealthiest and most influential family in Kerala, was constructed in the 19th century and embraces centuries of cultural legacy. The family were the great landlords of Kerala, and were famous for promoting the indigenous Arts and Cultural forms of Kerala. Poomully Mana’s name and fame continues to this day, and it has contributed in its own way to preserving and nurturing the rich heritage which is unique to Kerala.

KALARIPPAYATTU Kalaripayattu is the martial art of Kerala. It is the mother of martial arts and the oldest system of its kind still practiced in the world today, encompassing body, mind and the spirit.

POOMULLY ARAMTHAMPURAN Poomully Aramthampuran started his education by studying Veda under his father till the age of sixteen. Thereafter he completed his education at Calicut Zamorine College. He then undertook a rigorous training in the ancient Indian sciences under the great Keralan masters for a period of 10 years. Devoting his life to teaching, he was a shining example of the benefits of Kalaripayattu. After the master's demise, a trust was formed by his disciples and followers with the objective of promoting and keeping alive the great tradition of the guru. Under the strict supervision and guidance of Poomully Narayanan Namboothirippad, the son of the master, the Kalarippayattu training centre started by Aramthampuran is still providing regular training to students from all over the world .


Regular Program(6 years): To become an ‘Abhyasi’ (master) of Kalarippayattu one must undergo various stages of practice. It will take at least six years of regular training to complete this course.

Short Term Programs(upto 60 days): Short term training courses are also instituted with great success. If the time is limited one can opt for the short term course most suitable for them. As well as improving general physical fitness, Kalari practice stimulates all internal organs, improves the circulatory and respiratory functions, and the digestive system will be strengthened.

Accommodation will be arranged in typical Kerala-style heritage rooms, with all the facilities to suit a modern life-style. Nutritious and tasty vegetarian dishes will be served.

We offer an unpolluted environment: Poomully Mana is an alchohol- and tobacco-free zone where private gardens rich with herbal plants and an ancient temple enhance your training in the ancient arts of Kalarippayattu. We will make an earnest attempt to teach the student; how to lead a simple and peaceful life, well equipped with healthy habits.

Address: Poomully Aramthampuran’s Kalarisangham
Peringode, Palakkad dist., Kerala,India.
Email: [email protected] [email protected]
Phone: +91-09846239545,09846089595.

Contact: +91-09846239545

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