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Traditional Jewellery from India - Tradition of Wearing Jewelry in India

Jewelry Styles from India

The tradition of wearing jewellery in India is not new. In fact, this tradition can be dated back to the Indus Valley civilization when people wore copper, silver, bronze, gems stones and beaded jewellery. Today, the jewellery market in India is one of the most successful industries simply because Indians love to buy, wear and treasure their jewelry. Gold & silver jewellery are perhaps the most popular and frequently bought. Diamonds are also extremely sought after.

Indian Traditions: Gold is worn by women at all special occassions such as marriage, engagement, festivals, and also on a daily basis. Parents start buying gold for their daughter's trousseau right from the time of her birth. There is also a trend of Hindu households investing in gold ornaments on auspicious days such as Akshaya Tritiya. Over the years, chunky costume jewellery, also sometimes referred to as Junk Jewellery have gained massive popularity, especially with youngsters. These include metallic bangles, bracelets, neck pieces, etc. Such items are easily available at Janpath, New Delhi as well as Dilli Haat.

Let's take a look at some of the most popular styles of jewellery in India -

1. Kundan Jewellery
is a famous style of jewellery which was influenced by the Mughals. Hence, it is also one of the oldest. The most fascinating feature of Kundan jewellery is that it can be worn on either sides. To make Kundan Jewellery, gemstones of varying colours are cut, shaped, polished and set into a base which is made of pure gold. Kundan Jewellery is extremely beautiful and looks exquisite in all forms, be it kundan ear rings, kundan rings, or kundan necklaces. Meena kundan is another form. Polki jewellery is similar to kundan jewellery but costlier with diamond polki studded into the base.

2. Jadau Jewellery
Jadau or engraved jewellery too was influenced and styled during the Mughal period. Rajasthan is home to some of the most exquisite jadau jewellery. This jewellery stands out for its rich and antique look. The Jadau work includes setting of kundan and meenakari into jewelry pieces along with embedded and engraved beads & stones.

3. Meenakari Jewellery
Meenakari jewellery was largely styled by the mughals. Today, the hubs for meenakari jewelry are believed to be Udaipur & Jaipur in Rajasthan, New Delhi and Banaras, among others. To make this jewelry, beautiful colors are filled by using enamel dust to embellish metal surfaces.

4. Vadaseri Jewellery
is native to South of India and today, it is primarily worn by brides during their weddings. Also known as Kemp jewellery, Vadaseri jewellery was first adorned by idols in temples. Kemp jewellery is primarily made using emeralds, pearls, rubies, gold, etc. The design of these jewellery pieces are based on symbols of God and nature, making them extremely beautiful and eye catching.

5. Thewa Jewellery
Thewa jewelry has its roots in Chittor, Rajasthan, hundreds of years ago. The beauty of this style of jewelry lies in the process through which it is made. To create thewa jewelry, gold is fused into a range of multi colored glass. Skilled artisans are at work for many days to produce a beautiful thewa jewel piece. The designs are intricate, eye catching and extremely beautiful.

6. Tribal Jewellery
Tribal jewelry from Himachal Pradesh is beautiful, attractive and extremely eye catching. Usually large yet delicate, tribal jewelry is crafted by silversmiths who are highly trained and experienced in this technique. Some of the most popular pieces include big nose rings in the shape of birds, head dresses, long dangling earrings, etc.


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