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Mercara or Madikeri - Coorg - largest coffee producing district in India

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Tired of the daily grind, pollution and traffic. Tired of seeing the same faces, going to the same places. Eating out, tasting different cuisines, but still feel dissatisfied and bored. Take a break, pack your bags and take a trip to Coorg.


Mercara or Madikeri as its called now is the largest town in this coffee growing district. Economic development coupled with the large influx of tourists has taken its toll on this once quaint little hill station renowned for its clean air and large swaths of evergreen forests. But thankfully there are still some places that have been left untouched by the vagaries of time.

One such place situated in Mercara is the Eastend Hotel.
It is housed in an old colonial building (a remnant of the Englishmen) and serves some of the tastiest and mouthwatering food.

One of my earliest memories of hotels was going to Eastend in the evening in the freezing winter cold and gorging on hot Keema dosas. The cuisine is nothing new to write about, but the place and the old world ambience, where you can sit in a private room and eat in peace, more than makes up for any misgivings you might have.

The menu consists of the typical rice, chicken, mutton, fish, etc. (vegetarians can give this place a miss!). Their chicken kebabs, and fried rice will surely leave you satisfied. For the coastal food lovers, the fish fry is excellent. The place still operates on strict timings.

Lunch is from noon till 3:00 PM. Tea, where you can tickle your palate with piping hot dosas, cutlets, etc., starts at sharp 4:00 P M. You can wash down your snacks with some pretty good coffee or tea.

The evening menu is generally the same as afternoon.


More importantly, the place, notwithstanding its years, is impeccably well maintained (in fact, it is one of the cleanest eateries in Coorg). For people who want to beat the heat or the cold (depending on the weather), a well stacked Bar (liquor counter) provides a wide variety of choices to satiate your thirst. All this comes at surprisingly very affordable rates.

So, go ahead, rejuvenate your taste buds in a refreshingly clean and green atmosphere.

Contributed By: Manjunath

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