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Art Galleries in New Delhi, India - Celebrating Art

New Delhi, India's national capital city is well known for its multi-cultural personality. What sets apart Delhi from other cities is its long, impressive history as a cultural centre in India and its warm acceptance of all contemporary and modern art forms. Whether it is music, dance, painting, sculpture, drama, pottery or any other form of art, Delhi is sure to celebrate it!

With the help of numerous cultural organizations, the Indian Government has been successfull in promoting, and propagating art forms in India. The Dhoomimal Gallery is India's very first private art gallery which played an important role in pioneering artistic development in Delhi, India. Infact, ever since the Lalit Kala Academy and the National Gallery of Modern Art were established in New Delhi, the city started gaining its standing as a centre for cultural development (paintings, art galleries, exhibitions).

Let's take a look at some well known Art Galleries in Delhi today -

1. Lalit Kala Akademi

The Lalit Kala Akademi is an autonomous organization that has been fully funded by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and concentrates largely on the field of Visual Arts and fine arts including Paintings, Ceramics, Sculptures etc. It is one of the National Agencies set up by the first prime minister of India after Independence with the aim of promoting India's culture and art forms both, within and outside India. One of the most well known is the Triennale which is attended by participants from various countries. The Academy organizes a series of exhibitions and workshops which are attended by a large number of people who appreciate art.

Lalit Kala Akademi,
Rabindra Bhawan, Ferozshah Road,
New Delhi 110001

For more information on The Lalit Kala Akademi, visit:

2. Triveni Kala Sangam

The Triveni Kala Sangam collectively houses 4 galleries including the Triveni Gallery, Shridharni Gallery, etc. Within the complex, there is provision for exhibitions and there is a book shop which features some interesting journals and books, etc.

Triveni Kala Sangam
Tansen Marg,
New Delhi 110001

3. National Gallery of Modern Art


National Gallery of Modern Art is one of the most well known and respected art galleries in Delhi. It is home to several thousands of sculptures, paintings and graphics. Works of modern art dating back to the 1850's have been preserved and displayed here. This includes works of Indian and colonial artists.

National Gallery of Modern Art
(Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India)
Jaipur House, India Gate
New Delhi - 110003

For more information on National Gallery of Modern Art, visit :

4. Dhoomimal Art Gallery

The Dhoomimal Art Gallery is the oldest art gallery in New Delhi with a past dating back some seventy years! This gallery is playing an important role in promoting Indian contemporary art. Some of the well known collections of art works on display here include works by Bimal Das Gupta, Anjolie Ela Menon, Jamini Roy, etc. Here you will find International Art, Affordable Art, Scupltures, and more.

Dhoomimal Art Gallery,
G-42, Connaught Circus
New Delhi-110001

8-A, Connanught Place,
New Delhi-110001

For more information on National Gallery of Modern Art, visit:

5. Art Heritage

Mr. E. Alkazi and his wife, Roshan Alkazi founded the Art Heritage in the year 1978. Since then, Art Heritage has been known for its exhibitions which are held all round the year by well known artists.

Art Heritage Gallery
Triveni Kala Sangam,
205, Tansen Marg,
New Delhi 110001, India

For more information on Art Heritage, visit:

6. Art Elements Gallery

The Art Elements Gallery was founded in the year 2003 and since then, it has been successfully promoting contemporary Indian art. Here you will find works by Indian and International artists in the form of paintings, sculptures, Indian metal and glass art, wood art and more.

Art Elements Gallery
31 Hauz Khas Village,
Ground Floor,
New Delhi, 110016

19, Hauz Khas Village
Ground Floor
New Delhi - 110 016

For more information on Art Elements Gallery, visit:

7. Garhi Lalit Kala Artist Studio

The Garhi Lalit Kala Artist Studio is a part of Lalit Kala Academy. Here you will find interesting art works and workshops and lectures by well known artists, both Indian and International.

Garhi Lalit Kala Artist Studio
Kala Kutir,
East of Kailash,
New Delhi

Some other Art Galleries in Delhi include the Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Center, Gallerie Ganesha, GK 2, The Village Gallery, Hauz Khas Village, Aryan Art Gallery, Vadhera Art Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts and Literature, etc.

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