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  • Are you an Advertising Agency that believes in providing your team members with an easy access to educative and informative advertising books?

  • Are you a part of the Advertising Industry, constantly looking to add to your knowledge related to this dynamic industry?

  • Are you an Advertising Student interested in increasing your knowledge and understanding of the various aspects of the Advertising Industry? Then you're at the right place! in association with Lucky Book Sellers, Pune presents to you Useful Books Section.

Find below 3 New Books ideal for Copy Writers, Art Directors and those dealing with TV Commercials.

#1 The Copy Book - How 32 of the World's Best Advertising Writers write the Advertising

Price - Rs.2365/-
The Copy Book (U.K)
Glossy coloured Photographs, Office file size book

Description: Each section begins with a portrait of the writer and a thumb-nail career sketch. Then follows the main text: their personal advice on how advertising copy should be written. Each writer shows examples of his or her work. In all, the book illustrates over 2—Advertising-Sponcers by the Newspaper Publishers Association-177 Pages

The Great Copy Writers are----David Abbott, John Bevns, Tony Brignull, Martie Cooke, Tony Cox, Tim Delaney, Simon Dicketts, Jim Durfee, Paul Fishlock, Richard Foster, Neil French, Steve Hayden, Steve Henry, Susie Henry, Adrian Holmes, Lionel Hunt, Mike Lescarbeau, Bob Levenson, James Lowther, Alfredo Marcantonio, ED Mccabe, Tim Mellord, Barbara Nokes, Chris O'shea, Tim Riley, Andrew Rutherford, John Salmon, Paul Silverman, Indra Sinha, John Stingley, Luke Sullivan, Tom Thoman.

Why Buy?: This book not only gives a great selection of ads, it also provides some valuable insights into their creation. A fascinating read if you are interested in modern advertising and a must read for people wishing to get into advertising.

#2 The Art Direction Book - How 28 of the World's Best Creatives Art Direct the Advertising - Glossy coloured Photographs, Office file size book - 176 Pages.

Price - Rs.2365/-
The Art Direction Book (D & Ad Mastercraft)

Inspiration and Bible for the Art Directors by what follows, learn from the Advertising Industry's foremost practitioners and succeed in the long term by giving your clients what they want - Excellence.

The Work of World's Best 28 Art Directors are --
- Paul Arden, Ron Brown, Warren Brown, David Christensen, Ron Collins, Gary Denham, Steve Dunn, Dave Dye, Warren Eakins, Graham Fink, Forgus Fleming, Bill Gallacher, Martin Galton, Amit Gargano, Neil Godfrey, Derrick Hass, John Hegarty, Bob Isherwood, Helmut Krone, Mark Reddy, Nancy Rice, Nigel Rose, Sam Scali, Michael Shafron, Bill Taubin, Alexandra Taylor, Alan Waldie, Graham Watson.

#3 The Commercial Book - How 32 of the World's Best Directors make the Commercials.

Frame by Frame work - Glossy coloured Photographs, Office file size book - 176 Pages

Price - Rs.2365/-
The Commercials Book

These Advertising Gurus are explaining in their own words - Peter Lord & David SproxtonNic Park (Aardman), Danies Barber, Michael Bay, Bob Brooks, Frank Budgen, John S.Clarke, Jonethan Giazer, Michael Gondry, Jean-Paul Goude, Jerry Hibbert, Hugh Hudson, Daniel Kleinman, Ian McMillan, Andy Morahan, Barry Myers, Louis Ng, Mehdi Norowzian, Ridley Scott, Joe Sedelmaier, Michsel Seresin, Peter Smillie, Tarsem, Joao Daniel Tikhomiroff, Kinka Usher, Vaughan Arnell & Anthea Benton, Paul Welland,Roger Woodburn, Howard Zieff.

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