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Effective Online Writing Tips


How to write effectively for the web? Putting your thoughts, ideas and opinions into words using the English language is not difficult, provided you keep certain essential elements of online writing in mind.

Letís say you want to write a well researched and thought out article on a particular topic. If you are relatively new to this whole writing business, you may be unsure about how and where to start.

Here are some broad elements that you must remember to write a winning article -

1. Understand the topic well and focus on the subject while writing the article

1. Acquaint yourself well with the subject so that you know exactly what you would like to talk about in the article. If it helps, put down some important points / subheads that you would like to discuss. This way, you will be able to stick to the topic and not deviate away from it.

2. Know your Target Audience

When writing for the web, it is essential to know who youíre writing for. For eg., if your target audience is kids, your language needs to be relatively simpler as opposed to writing for adults. Hence, before you start writing an article, clearly define who you're writing for. Talk to your audiences in the language and style they understand best. You can never go wrong if you do.

3. Begin Well to Grab the Readerís Attention

The first few sentences of your article are enough for the reader to decide whether or not he or she wants to read further. If you have a strong and impressive beginning, half the battle is won.

4. Focus on Grammar and Vocabulary

You can score brownie points by paying attention to your grammar, vocabulary and correct punctuation. No matter how good your article content maybe, if not backed by correct usage of these elements, you will not be able to impress your readers.

5. Correct Word Usage Avoid using BIG words just for the sake of using them, especially when writing for online readers. Instead, keep your language simple yet effective so that all kinds of people can understand and appreciate your article.

6. Short Sentences Online readers have limited attention span. Hence, when forming your sentences, keep them short yet useful. The same applies to the length of your article.

7. Use of Active & Passive Voice Depending on what youíre writing about, you may have to choose between the active and passive voices. Get into the habit of reading articles on the web so that you can develop an understanding of different writing styles and in turn, develop you own individual writing style.

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