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Writer's Block : Do's & Don'ts


It hits you when you least expect it and when it hits you, you donít know where to turn and what to do and it hits every writer in every form of writing. A writer having got his first screenplay contract will scratch his head till blood starts pouring but cannot find a way inside his characters head.

An article writer looks at the deadline and remembers his heydays when words flowed like water and now looks surprisingly at the dry tap which is open but nothing is pouring out and believe me nothing can prepare you for it.

Your god like powers to twist and turn words into symphony for your audience and that very important but often insulted term money for you eludes you, like a beautiful women a woman who was your soul mate, your bedmate who laughed and cried with you now is standing there indifferent and you donít know what to do.

So before I delve into what to do I will delve into what not to do :

1. Donít look at that bottle, that cigarette that whatever is your crime for salvation, it the perfect strategy for doom and depression.

2. Do not question your ability and inherent writing instincts they are not gone just your brain cannot find the missing file.

3. Do not believe that if you do nothing but wait for some time Ö some days Ö some years Ö. Get my drift. You may well write something else on some other topic on some other character but the writerís block that you had will not go away for that specific problem which gave birth to it in the very first place.

4. Donít give to much attention to it
because if you do that it will turn into a nagging spouse that will not let you sleep, eat, etc.

Now having established some ground rules on not what to do let us look at what to do

1. Research: most writers ignore the power of research and very often fiction writer do that if you have got a character problem write the complete bio on that character from his birth till now do research on the setting, back-story, secondary characters and more often then not a insight will at you in your face and article writers and other technical writers need to put in more and more research because thatís what gets you a new perceptive

2. Writers block does not mean that you have forgotten how to write so donít stop writing write a free flow character graph write whatever comes top your mind if you want one page write fifty and then squeeze it to get what you want.

3. Sometimes writer block comes from inside from your own thoughts about a particular topic or issue your own perspective clouds your objectivity .fiction writers donít want their characters to do something which they themselves donít agree to and find ways to go around that, thatís dangerous a writer need to be dispassionate and objective about his article, issue, topic or character do not allow your own demons and angels to cloud your writing.

So here are some do and doníts this list is not by any means exhaustive but I do hope itís useful in bringing that elusive beauty called writing back to you.

Contributing Author:  Vishal Arora, I am creative writer/scriptwriter working with a mnc in the training field .I am a proficient in writing fiction and articles on finance, technical analysis on shares and stocks and also business development and general interest articles on any topic from politics to social issues. My forte is scriptwriting and story writing fiction. [email protected]

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