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How to be Successful as a Freelance Content Writer?


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Success Mantras for a Freelance Content Writer


There was a time when the concept of "freelancing" was non-existent and the word "freelance" held no value whatsoever in the competitive arena of full-time jobs. The ignorant class of people did not understand the concept and believed that freelancers were nothing but a new category of individuals who didn't do much and hid themselves under the guise of this fancy title. Things have changed since then.

Slowly, but surely, professional freelancers are taking charge of the professional job market in fields such as Web Content Writing, Consultancy, etc. This article aims at introducing those successful Freelance Content Writers to you who follow simple success mantras to make their mark in the growing world of Online Content Writing.

Mantras for Success for a Freelance Content Writer

Success Mantra #1: Identify Your Forte / Niche Area

Don't fall for being a "Jack of All Trades and A Master Of None!"

Look within yourself and identify what you are good at. There are people who like to believe that they can handle just about anything and everything. However, it is not a sin to think otherwise. Spend time in identifying your niche area and focus on that.

This can range from research writing to technical writing, Ghost Writing; Article and Business proposal Writing. Concentrate on what you do best and what you enjoy doing the most and you will automatically succeed.

Success Mantra #2: Don't be Afraid To Say No -
Realize what you can and cannot do.

Most freelance writers would agree that it is exciting and encouraging to get a Content Writing Enquiry. However, it is also very difficult to make a choice between "can I handle this and would I like to take this up?"

If you feel that you cannot do full justice to a particular project, it is okay to say No. Don't take up something just because you don't like to say no. It is true that every enquiry is a chance to prove your expertise and earn in the process. However, if you feel that you are not interested in a particular technical writing project, don't commit to it. 

Success Mantra #3: Be Professional
Work out Your Terms & Conditions & Stick By Them

Whether you are new to this field or have already established yourself as a Successful Freelance Writer, it helps to be professional. Be clear on your terms and conditions regarding payments, timeframes and the other details. Clients appreciate freelancers who work professionally and are upfront with their work conditions. 

Success Mantra #4: Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions
Asking Intelligent Questions & Clearing Doubts

No matter what stage of the project you may be in, don't shy away from clearing doubts. If you are unsure about something, spend a little time in asking questions and getting clear answers from your client. This will save time and a lot of unnecessary rework along the way. Make sure that you and your employer are on the same page.

Success Mantra #5 : Respect Deadlines / Timeframes
Honor Your Commitments 

One of the main reasons why some Companies / Organizations / Clients are paranoid about hiring freelance Writers is because they fail to honour their commitments. To be successful in this field, make sure that you respect the deadlines and timeframes set for you by your client.

Be clear about the amount of time you need to finish a certain project and let them know before you begin. Timely delivery of work will keep your clients happy and appreciative.

The association between an organisation and a freelancer can be quite rewarding provided that both parties involved work professionally and respect each other.

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