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Tips for Selecting Interesting Article Topics Regularly


Article writing is one of the most satisfying writing experiences a person can indulge in. By writing articles, you can express your thoughts and ideas clearly as well as enhance your writing skills & your ability to present your views on different issues.

Even though the process of writing articles is truly a wholesome experience, many writers find it difficult and often struggle while coming up with interesting topics to write on, regularly.

If you have faced a similar problem, here are some tips that will help you to think of and prepare a list of article topics that you can start writing about

1. Know Your Strengths: Tap into Your Area of Expertise

Start by writing articles on topics that cover your area of expertise and career graph. For e.g. If you are an HR Manager, you can consider writing insightful articles about the HR industry its core strengths, weaknesses, trends, and opportunities.

Such articles will offer excellent market value to the readers as you have written it someone who has an in-depth understanding of the industry coupled with valuable, practical experience.

By writing industry-specific articles, you can establish yourself as an expert in that field. Slowly, readers too, will start recognizing you as an industry expert and will like to read more of your articles, bringing you genuine feedback on your articles and your writing style.

You can also search on Google and read other articles to help you think about topics that you too would like to write about. Resource on Collection of Useful Articles & Interesting & Useful Miscellaneous Articles are good places to start.

2. Write from the Heart: Express your Thoughts

Another great way to come up with article topics on a regular basis is to write about subjects close to your heart and issues which you feel strongly about as you will be best at it! If you write from your heart about things that make you happy / sad, issues that bother you and mindsets that need to be changed, you will surely be able to express yourself very well and communicate your thoughts brilliantly to your readers.

3. Stay Current: Talk About the 'Here & Now'
Is there a significant sports event just around the corner? Has the budget been announced? Why not express your views on them? Writing on current topics is a great way to build a loyal reader base.

Be alert, aware and informed & this will help you to come up with interesting topics as often as you want!

4. Observe Things Around You: Then Write About Them
The world around you is your teacher. When you step out of your home, look around and see people, places, and events. This alone will give you enough to think and write about.

5. Interview People: Cover Their Experiences
Whenever you meet people who are experts in their area of work, you should consider interviewing them. By writing interview articles, you can include the experiences and views of such people who have made a success of what they do.

Such insightful articles are not just interesting to read they also educate and inform the readers.

6. Help Others: Answer Questions
Last, but not the least, try to come up with article topics that provide answers to common questions. Say you are Fashion Designer with an inherent interest in writing articles. Why not think of questions that others may have regarding the Fashion industry, what it takes to become successful, etc. and then write articles that answer such genuine questions.

This way, you will not only offer value to your readers, you will also be able to come up with interesting topics for your articles, regularly. Follow these tips, and you are sure to come up with a huge list of article topics for weeks to come!

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