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Importance of Killer Sales Copy - Website Copywriting

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Pushing Sales Through Website Sales Copy


Whether you sell a product or offer a service through your website, you cannot ignore your website content & sales copy. After all, it is your website content and sales copy that communicates with your prospective customers and persuades them to buy from you. Your website is your online shop where customers come, look around at what you have to offer, make a purchase or simply go away. Since the human touch is largely missing online, it is your sales copy that takes on the role of a friendly & persuasive sales person that converts a mildly interested visitor to a happy & satisfied repeat customer.

What is Sales Copy?

Sales copy refers to those persuasive and convincing words on your website or online store that convinces prospects to buy your products & avail your services. Targetted sales copy pushes customers to take action NOW, such as make a purchase or send in an enquiry, thus pushing sales. The job of sales copy is similar to that of sales driven salesman in a physical store or sales desk of the service provider.

Sales copy is concise, persuasive; goal oriented and convincing. The role of a website's sales copy is to create a genuine interest in the products and services and to convince the website visitors to read further. Additionally, sales copy also informs the readers of the benefits of the products or services on offer and creates a need for the product by explaining how it can solve the customer's problems; thus improving their quality of life.

Remember: The online audience is impatient, pressed for time and not very loyal. Hence, you must equip your website with strong web copy that creates an interest, informs, persuades and sells in the shortest possible time.

How to Write Killer Sales Copy?

Your sales copy should be written with clear goals in mind, namely increased sales, genuine inquiries, loyal customers, repeat customers and more. It should be tailor-made for your prospects, giving them a strong and credible reason to buy from you as opposed to all the other companies that offer the same product. That being said, here are a few essential tips that should be taken into consideration when writing sales copy -

Attention Grabbing Headline The first element that stands a chance of capturing the attention of your audiences is your page headline. It all begins with the headline and is often a deciding factor - whether or not to read any further. If your copy headline fails to grab the interest of your prospective customers, the rest of your copy surely won't. Hence, it is important for the copy headline to be attractive; attention grabbing and persuasive.

Benefits Driven Don't brag about the features of your products and services. Rather, customise your sales copy so that it highlights the benefits of doing business with you and using your products. Describe how your product or service can solve the customers' problems and improve their quality of life. Since the attention span of online surfers is very short and limited, it is imperative to make your point early on and in very clear terms.

Be Genuine & Write for Humans Always remember to write your sales copy for your customers rather than search engines. It should be believable, convincing, persuasive and easy to read. The goal is to turn a mildly interested visitor into a paying customer, preferably one who comes back.

Support your Copy with Facts It is good practice to infuse your sales copy with real facts, maybe some testimonials and words from satisfied customers.

Presentation Counts Your sales copy should not look like a big block of text. Rather, it should be broken down into smaller paragraphs with relevant subheadings and formatted nicely using bullet points, bold and highlighting, etc.

Strong Call to Action Perhaps the most valuable element of a good sales copy is its call to action, meaning that your sales copy should prompt your prospective customers to take definitive action NOW - whether it may be to fill in an order form, call a toll free number or make a purchase. Call to action statements can be included within the body of the copy or at the end of the copy.

Strong copywriting skills, goal planning and a little bit of research is all it takes to develop killer sales copy. If you have realized the importance of your website copy and are looking for affordable Copy Writing Services, do contact the team at - Write to us at [email protected]

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