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I freelance; That Doesn't Mean I Don't Work - How I Broke Through Stereotyped Mindsets


The transition from a full-time employee to a freelance contractor is not easy. Doubts, apprehensions, and uncertainties are common and I had plenty of these to deal with when I began my journey as an independent freelance content writer.

I was starting from scratch; taking small steps to launch my freelance business and establish myself, all on my own. This was a new world that promised wonderful opportunities, and a chance to fulfill my dreams like never before. Success could be mine, with patience, perseverance, and a pragmatic approach to everything I did.

Things were starting to take off well and so were the reactions I was getting from people all around me - friends, family & acquaintances. I must add that this was quite a few years ago when the term 'freelance' didn’t ring any bells in peoples' minds, especially in my part of the world.

Everyone who came in contact with me and inquired about my present employment ended up giving me questioning looks.I Freelance; That Does Not mean I am Unemployed They had numerous queries regarding what I do and wondered how I could possibly work from home, while they spent hours at a stretch, commuting to and from office on a daily basis to earn a living. To tell you honestly, the only prominent vibe I got from each persistent inquirer was “I don’t think she does anything”.

Sure, things were not easy as this was a time when people around me were switching jobs, taking up employment with high-paying MNCs that offered mind-boggling perks & enticing employee benefits. No wonder, everyone was astonished and wanted to know why I want to do anything 'different' and not follow the dependable nine-to-five work routine?

And here I was, excited, intrigued, and visibly hopeful about making it big on my own in the beautiful world of content writing.

Over the next few years, I had started getting some great writing opportunities and was feeling happy with where I was. However, the questions, snide remarks and failed attempts to make me jealous as other “successful” professionals boasted about their steady flow of promotions in their so-called predictable, high paying jobs, continued. I was still someone who wasn't in a full-time job, and “says she does something on her own”.

I could see a pattern developing here. Were people really finding it difficult to understand what I do, or could it be possible that they didn’t want to know. After all, I couldn’t give them a big name of a company I was working with at that time. Could I blame this on human mentality?

Whatever the case maybe, I stood unaffected as I was happy and satisfied with my work and saw no reason to spend time convincing others of what I do. It was hilarious when at several social occasions, I came across people who complained endlessly about their boss, work profile, tiring deadlines & long commute, unbearable work pressure, and much more.

These were the same people, who at one point in time didn’t waste a single moment in judging me. And the irony of it all, I wasn’t the one complaining about all these things, they were! Such is life.

The only thing left to do was to do nothing and let my work speak for itself.

Here's what I think: Different people will have different views about everything. The trick is to know what feels right for you and do it wholeheartedly. It is important to break through stereotypical mindsets if that’s what gives you happiness and creative fulfillment.

Over the last few years, I have worked on some exciting projects and with some excellent clients, not just in India but across the globe. I am happy, contented and thankful to all those people who doubted me. If it wasn’t for them and their preconceived notions, I probably wouldn’t have pushed myself to achieve all that I did.

I am happy that I didn’t settle for anything less than I was capable of achieving and I will say it again,

“I freelance, doesn’t mean I’m Unemployed."

Contributing Writer: Akanksha, Freelance Content Writer, India at

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