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Home Page Content is Important


When was the last time you looked at your website's home page content with a critical eye? If you haven't lately, we suggest that you do it NOW!

Content Writing for your website's home page is an important task, so take it seriously.  After all, the home page is the first page of the rest of your website - it is an introduction to your website and gives a preview of what lies ahead. Every important section as well as all other web pages on the site link back to this all-important page.

Here are a few simple points to remember when developing content for the website homepage -

#1: Say More With Less:
Home page content should be concise

The attention span of online readers is limited.  Make sure your home page content creates a positive impact on your readers quickly and effectively. Do not write long stories as online visitors don't have the time or the inclination to read too much. Instead, it is a better idea to say what you need to say without being repetitive or verbose.   



#2: Impress & Attract
Homepage content should be attention grabbing

Because most of your website visitors reach your website through a Google Search, the content on your website home page should be such that grabs the reader's attention and holds them to the site.

The onus of keeping visitors glued to your site is on the home page / landing page of your website. A lot of people will press the back button and move out of your site if what they read is not convincing enough. 

#3: In-Sync with your Website's Theme
Home-Page content should add value to your website

When planning your home page, pay attention to all aspects of design, graphics and content. Do not waste critical space on your home page by adding unrelated images and long, looped Flash banners that do little for your web presence. Instead, strike a balance between the use of images and well written, focussed & relevant SEO content.

#4 : Intelligent use of Text Links
Home Page should have textual links to important pages on your website

An important part of content writing is the use of sensible textual linking. To create a well balanced, SEO website, try to make intelligent use of words and key phrases and link them to relevant inner pages.

It pays to study your website content regularly and make necessary changes from time to time.

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