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How to Hire Right Freelance Professional (Contractor)?

Tips on Working with Freelance Writers / Content Service Providers


The concept of freelancing is spreading like wildfire with more and more graphic designers, web designers, copywriters, and article writers interested in working on a project basis for multiple clients as opposed to working full-time for a single employer.

Such a changing trend is in favour of employers who prefer to outsource their projects on a contractual and temporary basis to experienced freelancers rather than adding new employees to their payroll. Needless to say that there are many Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Writer.

Here are some tips for hiring the right freelancing professional -


1. List Down your Project Details

Define your project clearly in terms of deliverables, skills required to complete the job and time constraints, etc. 

2. Research - The internet has made it excessively easy to research and identify professionals who offer their writing / designing / consultancy services on a contract basis.

3. Match Your Requirements - Are you looking for someone based in your city? Would you first like to meet the freelancer before contracting them?

Is it okay if the freelancer is in a different city? Depending on what you're comfortable with, go ahead and narrow down your search criteria.

4. Experienced Vs. New - Freelancers who are relatively new to the industry charge lower rates for their writing / designing services as opposed to those who have many years of experience. It is up to you to decide how comfortable you are hiring someone with less experience.

It is usually considered wise to hire new / less experienced professionals for smaller projects. If you are satisfied with the results, you can work on bigger, more detailed projects.  

5. Ask For Writing / Design Samples - An experienced freelancer can provide you with links of websites they have previously worked on. In case you are contracting a relatively new person, it is good practice to give them a sample article to write or a sample design job to test their competency.

6. Discuss Charges / Terms - Ask the freelancer to submit a rate card - hourly / fixed rate along with the turnaround time and any other terms that they may work by.

Make sure that you have clearly communicated to the freelancer the details of the project. Use written communication such as email / signed contract to make sure that both parties understand the scope of work.

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