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POS Your Content - A perspective on Generating Quality Content


In a broad sense, content is any information (written/other) appearing on a website. Each piece of written website content should have following qualities: 1. Purity 2. Originality 3. Simplicity   

1. Purity of the Content

Content can be broken down into two: the soul of the content and the body of the content. Purity of the content means: the error-free representation of the soul of the content and body of the content.

Soul of the content : The idea behind a given information
Body of the content : The style used to express the soul of the content

If the soul of the content is corrupted, there is no point in exhibiting it. If there are errors in the body of the content, the content could be misleading. In other words, corrupted body corrupts the soul.

1.1. Ensuring the purity of soul of the content

The soul of the rephrased content is derived from various sources. These sources have contents which can be called contents for reference or reference-contents. To ensure the purity of reference-contents, the following steps could be followed.

1. Refer multiple and independent content- sources to ensure the authenticity of a set of reference-contents. (Not only those authentic sources of reference-content show their class, but they are also recommended by professionals in the corresponding field. A little home-work can help you discern authentic from fake).

2. The analysis of reference-contents should point to a definite and progressive evolution of purity of the same, which is supposed to be in line with the ascending order of importance of content -sources.

3. Ensure that the reference-contents are derived from an authority on the subject who is widely accepted. (One may also source reference- contents for various sub-topics of the same subject from different authentic sources).

Once this process is complete, the content-writer will gain definite knowledge regarding the contents for reference, which prepares him/her for the next step--ensuring the originality of the body of the content.

2. Originality of the body of the Content

The ownership of the soul of the content is universal. Its the body of the content that can be exclusively owned by a person. Manipulation is allowed in the body of the content which means that, If there are n content writers, they could have n write-ups (assuming each writer produces a single write-up) of the same idea, and still put it up in the internet with their respective signatures, without being sued by each other. In other words, each of these content writers is outside the purview of law because of the originality of their style of respective content-writing.

3. Simplicity of the Content

Ideally, a criterion to determine the simplicity of the rephrased content is to make out whether the soul of the given content is grasped by each and every site visitor. Simplicity can also mean that the pure, original content is lean (unless the soul of the content asks for it!).

Simplicity demands maintaining standards. Generally, content is not expected to be complex or too plain.

3.1. Achieving simplicity

Simplicity is the product of precise thought and achieving simplicity is a challenging and engaging task.
Bolstering IQ and EQ (Emotional Quotient) will help in precision thinking thereby making language structure simple. To have a simple writing style, one should also need to travel the depth of language.
Thus, proper researching, learning and re-writing can generate contents of distinction.

Contributing Author:   Rakesh Neelakandan, Content writer With Dreamz Infrabiz Techno Solutions, Cochin; Kerala [email protected] Interests: Reading, writing, browsing, programming (novice) What I love: To see my contents on the web

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