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Do You Have a Freelance Contract Ready?


In today's competitive job market, a large number of qualified professionals are opting to build a freelance career. Freelancers are those professionals, usually web designers, copywriters, graphic designers or consultants who offer their expert professional services to an array of companies / clients on a contractual / project basis.

While this form of work offers tremendous flexibility and freedom, it also has its share of risks and uncertainties, especially with regards to getting paid on time and maintaining a steady flow of work / new projects.

This is when the need for a freelancing contract is felt.

A contract that is drawn between a freelancer and a client helps in defining the terms by which both parties will associate with one another. Moreover, a formal agreement makes it easier to remove any uncertainties or obscurities that may crop up during the course of completing the project.

Some Common Elements that appear in a Freelancer's Contract include:

1. Complete name and contact details of the freelance contractor.

2. Complete name and contact details of the client.

3. Description of the project.

4. Break up of costs involved - rates charges - hourly / flat rate for the project.

5. Details of the project

  • Advance charges, if any

  • Duration of the project  - date of submission

  • Policies for revision

  • Payment policies, etc.
6. Conditions & policies for Termination of contract.

After going through all the clauses and conditions, this agreement is signed by both parties, showing their approval to the terms mentioned therein.

Maintaining such a formal contract ensures that both the freelancer and the client will abide by the conditions that have been mutually agreed upon. In the event that there is a problem later on, the contract can be referred to.

It is interesting to note that at times, the contract alone does not provide 100% protection against fraud.

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