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Planning to Build a Career in Freelance Writing?

Common Expenses Incurred by Freelance Writers


The freelance writing business is one of the most lucrative freelance businesses there is. Not only does freelance writing workKeeping a Track of Common Expenses offer flexible work hours and the opportunity to work from home, freelance writers also enjoy the freedom of being their bosses. It is not surprising then that numerous individuals have opted for a freelance writing career.

Whether you are just starting out on your own or you've been into the freelance writing arena for some time now, you are bound to incur a number of typical expenses in order to run your writing business smoothly.

The trick is to keep a track of these expenses so that you are a good position to manage them well and cut unnecessary costs wherever possible.

Let's take a look at some of the most common expenses -

1. The Traditional Me: Office Supplies

There are some of us who still prefer the traditional style of writing, using a pen / pencil and paper. Good quality office supplies are a must-have to perform your day to day writing tasks efficiently. Some important items that you must have at arm's length include files & folders, staplers & pins, envelopes, etc.

2. The Techno Savvy Me: Laptop/PC, IPad, Printer, Copier

The internet has transformed the manner in which we run businesses today. Right from building new clients across the globe to interacting with them and sending them finished work, a stable internet connection and your own personal computer / laptop / iPAD is an extremely important investment, one that you should not ignore. Many writers prefer to begin writing by first jotting down rough ideas and thoughts on paper and later, using a computer to give actual shape to the write-up in the digital format.

Often, there is a need to keep hard copies of the work done and contracts signed. You may want to either buy your own small printer / copier or have regular access to such a service.

3. Me, the Entrepreneur: Work Space Setup

Whether you choose to pursue your freelance writing career from home or office, you will have to bear the cost of renting a work space.

Next, there will be expenditure on setting up and personalizing your space so that you can work efficiently and produce desired results including purchasing a good quality computer table / work desk, an ergonomic & comfortable chair, a table lamp, etc. Here are some Essentials of a Good Writing Space.

4. Me, the Professional: Travel & Meetings

Most local clients prefer to meet the writer before handing over their large writing projects. Meeting clients from time to time to discuss work & pitch for projects involves a fair share of travelling - one of the reasons why, travel expenses can be quite high in this field.

5. Me, the Publicist: Marketing & Promotion

Experienced freelance writers don't leave any stones unturned when it comes to finding work, promoting their business and marketing their services. Naturally, all this involves expenses.

Some of the most common marketing costs include - designing, building & maintaining a website / blog / FB Page, getting business cards designed & printed, registering with different freelance writing sites and portals, advertising on other websites, etc.

Just like any other business, freelance writing too requires investments in terms of time & money.

Having a clear picture of the ongoing expenses you are likely to incur will help you plan your revenue model and writing fees accordingly. offers dependable content writing services for businesses, globally.


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