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Find Your Own Distinctive Voice as a Content Writer


The work life of a modern day content writer is nothing short of a rollercoaster ride, exciting, adventurous & invigorating! Find your own Distinctive Voice as a Content WriterWhen writing for the web, a writer goes through numerous stages of creative excellence, producing content for a different genre of readers. A well engaged, busy copywriter may write on, anywhere between 10-15 different topics in a single day.

  • Have you ever considered why there are some writers who are highly sought after?
  • Why is it that they have so much work and keep getting repeat clients, who want to hire them regularly, one project after another? The reason is simple.

After years of writing for the web or for that matter, any other platform, a writer develops a unique voice, a style of writing that readers like, associate with & start relating to. Especially on the web, readers and web surfers are pressed for time and are looking for information quickly. In such a scenario, writers who have a knack for making their point quickly and holding the attention of readersí, right from the very first few lines of content usually steal the show.

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If youíre wondering just how you can develop your distinctive voice when writing for the web, here are some simple tips you can experiment with -

Write as Often as You Can:

One of the best things you can do to develop your unique voice is to write on a regular basis. As you write more and more, you will find yourself getting accustomed to expressing your thoughts & ideas quickly. Words will flow faster and more effortlessly, helping you to polish your writing skills.

Here are some ideas on what to write -

- update your blog with informative blog posts
- write articles on topics of your interest
- indulge in some creative writing by trying your hand at poetry & story writing
- join in the discussion & post your comments on other peopleís blog posts

Read a lot: Get into the good habit of reading. The more you read, the more enlightened you become. Read magazines, literary works, novels, autobiographies, news items, and blogs / websites on topics of your interest.

By reading good works of other writers on varied topics, you will be able to develop your opinions & broaden your horizons that will eventually help you in expressing yourself through your writing.

Know your Expertise & Project It Through the Written Word: Itís great to be an expert in a particular field or line of work. The trick is to know what you are good at, what interests you the most and what you are most knowledgeable about. Once you pinpoint your expertise, you can use this knowledge to establish yourself as an expert in that particular field, say advertising, gardening, stitching or anything else.

Next, you can write informative articles about your area of interest that can serve as a guide to others.

Have your Opinion on Matters: Learn to develop your opinion on things. When you have your own original thoughts and ideas, you will be able to project them through your writing. Always remember that readers connect with those writers with whom they can form a connection. So let your words reflect your thoughts and opinions & build your very loyal reader base.

To succeed as an online writer, it is imperative that you develop your own unique writing style. Copying others is a waste of time and an unnecessary shortcut. If you want your readers to connect with you, write from your heart.

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