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Content Writing is All About Rewriting


I remember a friend of mine who used to say that meaningful writing is like dinosaurs - extinct.

But I always disagreed, still do, and to prove my point, I have always looked up to the most obvious but obscure place- content writing. Yes, content writing, be it any form - advertising, journalism, media, is one of the last bastions of expressive literature (since the good old novel has been murdered by chick lit, superhuman kids and other equally dreadful excuses for wasting a tree).  

But Rome was not built in a day, Tolkien didnít write his masterpiece in an hour, and you are not going to get a brilliant idea in a second. Great writing requires great patience. Content writing demands the greatest from your mind and trust me, your first idea is not necessarily your greatest.

Rewriting is as much a part of content development as writing itself.

Ideas are never stagnant, they evolve like living beings and you have to give them space to germinate and not just pick out the first blooming flower. Let the idea work itself, create a rough copy and I would like to add here that never, I repeat, NEVER expect your first draft to be final. It is like a clay pot that will slowly reveal itself; it wonít help if you try to rush it.

Analyze your work; see if it is really the thing that is required from your content. If not then donít be afraid to rewrite. Its not that your idea is bad; it is just that it is still developing. Usually, rewrites happen because the client isnít very attracted towards your take on things. They want the content to point in a similar but strangely different manner, which of course, you are unable to comprehend. Well, this is the true test of a content writer.

You have to be open to suggestions, ideas and even disregard for your work from colleagues and clients alike. Being open will help you have a new view on things and will boost your creativity for that uninspiring and often demeaning rewrite.

I say demeaning because it often hurts to see your best efforts being ridiculed. But thatís the challenge! Here is where you have to give them the reason to pay you.

You have to be flexible in incorporating different needs and requests in your rewrites.

Experienced content writers will undoubtedly agree when I say that clients are pleased to see that you are trying your best to incorporate their ideas too even when they are against your own better judgment. After all, they are the oneís who are paying.

All said and done, the final thing that matters is having confidence in oneself; if you can crack it once, you will crack it twice.

Contributing Author:  Anirudh Bishnoi, I am about to do my graduation from Panjab University, Chandigarh. [email protected]

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