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Writing for Online Audiences? Pay Attention to Content Presentation


The online (web) audience portrays very different reading patterns and habits when compared to offline readersPay Attention to Content Presentation! (those who read magazines, books and newspapers.) Web visitors are extremely impatient, hurried and pressed for time. Since there is so much information available online, readers rush to assimilate maximum information in the least amount of time. They are looking for instant access to high-quality information and do not read content line by line. Instead, readers scan through web pages, paying particular attention to bolds, headings & subheads.

Many website owners complain that their web visitors come to their site but leave without taking any desired action such as filling an enquiry form or placing an order. Advice to such webmasters would be to not just pay attention to the quality of content on their website but also to the way you present your content. Often, websites with a poor layout and confusing navigation structure lose out on valuable web traffic, just because visitors fail to comprehend and access content from such sites.

If you want your website visitors to read more than just a few lines of content on your web pages, you must understand their reading habits. Once you have the highest quality of content for your web pages, make sure to format your pages well so that you can keep visitors hooked to your website, longer.

Here are some simple content formatting tips with the help of which you can optimise your webpages to match your readers' sensibilities -

Tip #1 Be Concise

Since the shortage of time is a major factor that influences peoples' reading habits on the web, use words wisely. Write website content that is concise & to the point, bringing forward all that you want to say effectively.

Tip #2 Break Up the Content into Logical Paragraphs

Large blocks of text without white spaces in between can be intimidating to your readers. Hence, it is recommended to break up your content & divide the text into clean paragraphs that are calming to the eyes. If you are writing several points, use bulleted lists to add structure to the text.

Tip #3 Use Descriptive Headlines & Bold Tags

Use high attention grabbing headlines and subheadings that enhance interest.

Without overdoing it, use formatting tools like bold, italics, and underline to highlight the most significant sentences of your content.

Tip #4 Start by Making your Point Early: Make it a habit to highlight the most relevant information early-on in the content. The last few paragraphs can be used to conclude the topic.

Tip #5 Make it Easy to Print Your Web Page / Articles: By implementing a simple 'print this page' script on your website, you can enable visitors to take a print out of useful information on your site which can be read in detail later on. Doing so is especially useful for web pages that are long.

Tip #6 Make Each Web Page Self Sufficient & Complete: It is not necessary that visitors to your website will always access your website through the home page. They may reach any of your website's internal pages through a Google Search. Hence, make sure each page on your site is well planned and laid out with a link back to the home page.

If you have realized the importance of effective content presentation, it is time to analyse each page on your website and make necessary changes.

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