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How to Make the Most of Your Content Outsourcing Experience?


One of the biggest challenges website owners face is the need to update their website regularly with well written, relevant and targetted content. Given the fact that web visitors and search engines, both love fresh content and loads of it, webmasters must have a strategic plan in place so that they can regularly update their websites and blogs. Well written, relevant & fresh content attracts more traffic, wins customers and helps to secure good rankings on search engines. In addition, businesses who are running their websites for a number of years must also put in efforts to give their website content a much-needed makeover.

In-House Team of Writers Vs Outsourced Content Creation

There has been a lot of debate about which is better - employing a team of full-time writers in-house or outsourcing content creation to freelance writers/content writing firms.

If we look at the facts, we will realise that employing full-time writers on the company's payroll only makes sense when there is a regular flow of work for them to do throughout the month. If not, an in-house team becomes more of a liability, what with having to pay monthly salaries to them irrespective of the amount of work they actually accomplish in a month. In sharp contrast, when you outsource your content writing requirements to a freelance writer or a professional content writing firm, you enjoy greater flexibility as you hire them only when you have a requirement, thus cutting down unnecessary overhead costs.

Want to Outsource your content writing requirements?

Some tips on how you can make the most of this experience

Decide What to Outsource - Want to add fresh content and articles to your blog or website? Want someone to regularly publish Press Releases about your co events, new product launches and more? As a rule of thumb, it is best to outsource those tasks which are (1) repetitive in nature, (2) do not need your particular expertise and (3) generally consume more of your time, thus keeping you from concentrating on your core competencies.

Search for a Talented & Professional Outsource Partner - Once you have decided to outsource content creation, the next step is to (Google) search for a reliable content writer / reliable content writing firm. It is good practice to contact a number of individuals / companies so that you can shortlist the best, depending on who best meets your specific requirements. You will find answers to a lot of your questions when you read through the content service provider's FAQ page on their website.

Your aim should be to hire someone who is responsible, thorough, meets deadlines and is proficient enough to do the job better than you rather than opting for the cheapest service provider.

Work out your Budget These days, content writers and firms have varying pricing plans including hourly rates, per-project rates and per word rates. If you have a budget in place, you will be able to narrow down your search and move one step closer to finding a writer who can work within your budget.

Keep the lines of Communication Open The decision to outsource content writing to a third party is great.Brief your content writer thoroughly However, if you want this tie-up to deliver results that match your expectations, you must pay attention to the manner in which you communicate your content requirements.

The writer must have a clear understanding of what you need from them in terms of quality, content focus, voice and depth. You must encourage the writer to come back to you with relevant questions & queries.

Provide as Much Background Information as Possible

Your business is unique and this is why, it is important for you to provide the writer with as much background information about your company and business as possible. Usually, writers will send you a detailed questionnaire for you to fill with company-specific information. Even if they don't, it is in your best interests to give them access to information about your setup, your people, your company vision and more. Do not be unrealistic and expect the writer to come up with everything from scratch. It is your business and only you can paint an accurate picture of your company to the writer. The writer's job then is to understand your briefs and create content that reflects your business ethics and personality to the readers.

Set Realistic Deadlines & Discuss Revisions Let the writer know the date by when you would like the writing job completed. The deadline should be discussed right in the beginning so that there is no room for delays or mistakes. It will also enable you & the writer to work amicably together. Additionally, you must also understand their terms and conditions when it comes to rework and revisions. Usually, most firms offer one round of revisions and edits free of cost.

Check the Quality Your very first project with a new writer or a writing company will give you a more or less clear idea of the quality they deliver. If you have some concerns, discuss them early on so that the problem is addressed in a timely fashion and changes are duly made.

Establish a Positive Relationship If you have found the right content-outsource-partner for your writing needs, you must value their association and give them your positive feedback.

If you’re unsure about where to begin, you must hire a dependable content writing services provider like Content Writer India

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