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How to Brief Your Content Writer Before a Writing Project?


Once you've hired a content writer for your writing project, the next important step is to make your content writer "WORK" for you. This involves making sure that the writer delivers content that is in tune with your goals, requirements and expectations. One of the easiest ways of doing this is briefing your content writer thoroughly before a writing project.

Communication is Key Communicating your requirements as clearly and coherently as possible is Brief your content writer thoroughlyimperative if you want to derive real value from your content outsourcing experience (irrespective of whether you hire a freelance writer or a professional content writing firm). Failure to do so usually results in wastage of time & resources as well as dissatisfaction with the content delivered as it lacks substance & fails to offer true value in the form of increased traffic, higher search engine rankings & increased conversion rates.

How to Brief your Content Writer? Here are some simple tips that can help you in informing your content writer well -

Be Clear About your Expectations In order to get the best work from your content writer, you must know your expectations from the project. Once you are clear about your short term and long term goals (greater sales, more conversions, better rankings on search engines, generation of interest among target audiences, etc), you will be better suited to communicate your requirements to the writer.



Identify your Target Audiences Let the writer know who they are writing for. It is in your best interests to clearly identify your customers, prospective customers, clients and potential clients so that the writer can tailor the content to meet their specific needs.

Provide as Much Background Information as Possible

Your business is unqiue, and this is why, it is important that you provide the writer with as much background information about your company and business as possible. Give them access to information about your setup, your people, your company vision and more. It is your business and only you can paint an accurate picture of your business to the writer. The writer's job then is to understand your briefs and create content that reflects your business ethics and personality to the readers.

Give clear Instructions & Provide Detailed Guidelines

Once you have hired a dependable content writer or writing firm for your writing needs, it is your responsibility to extract the best work from them. Ensure that the writer delivers relevant content in tune with your needs by giving them detailed guidelines. Encourage the writer/s to ask questions and clear doubts (if any) before they begin working on the project, thus reducing chances of inconsistencies creeping up.

Meet the Writer

Depending on the complexity of the project, you might want to meet the writer in person (if possible) to communicate your needs and introduce the writer to your setup. For example, if you run a manufacturing unit, you might want to give the writer a tour of your factory. This experience will enable them to provide a more real perspective to the content.

Check the Quality

Your very first project with a new writer or writing firm will give you a more or less clear idea of the quality they deliver. If you have some concerns, discuss them early on so that the problems are addressed in a timely fashion and changes are updated. Be prompt in your responses and don't forget to provide feedback.

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