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5 Mistakes to Avoid While Writing Website Content

Your website content plays a vital role in determining the success of your site. Before writing content, make sure you understand the focus you'd like to give to your website. Identify your target audience and talk to them through your website copy. Developing the right kind of content for your website is a process rather than a one-time, solitary task. The sooner you get down to it, the quicker you'll see positive results.

Here are 5 Common Mistakes you Should Avoid when Writing Website Content -

1. Go on & on - Online visitors are impatient and do not have much time to spare. They want information quickly, in the shortest span of time. If you want to cater to your readers, make sure your website offers high-quality content that is concise. Make your point quickly and don't go on & on like there's no stopping you.

Break up the content on your web page into small, easy to read paragraphs. Remember: In the online world, less is always more!

2. Talk Greek - Try not to flaunt your extensive vocabulary when writing website content. Since the online world comprises of people from different walks of life, it is best to follow the middle path.

Remember: Use a simple tone of voice and easy to understand language.

3. Talk Only About Features - If you are selling a product, constant focus on features alone and not on benefits can be a big mistake. Highlight the benefits of your product. Make your prospective customers realize all the possible benefits they can derive from using your product.

Remember: Your website copy should convince your customers that their needs can't be fulfilled unless they buy from you.   

4. Write without an Aim / Focus - Avoid writing webpage content without a clear focus or aim. Remind yourself that the content you write has the power to do what you want it to do for your website. Once you remember that, you will automatically write compelling copy.

5. Go Overboard to Make Search Engines Happy - As they say, a little knowledge can be dangerous and it stands true for a lot of people who think that writing content from a SE point of view is the only thing that will lead to a successful website. For excelling in the online world, content must be written for the human visitor first and then optimised for search engines.

Remember: Begin by writing genuine, unique and impressive content for your website visitors. The Search Engines will automatically come to you.

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