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Singapore's Travel & Tourism Industry

  Singapore, also called the ‘Lion City’ is one of the most magnificent countries in Asia. A country well endowed with beautiful tourist spots, rich multicultural heritage, colorful festivals and mouthwatering cuisines, Singapore can easily be called a travelers paradise.

It is for these very reasons that Singapore has been a great tourist attraction for people all over the world. Singapore’s Tourism Board along with the Singapore Government has been promoting the growth of the tourism industry in Singapore. Continuous efforts have been made to strategize and implement robust plans for the development and growth of the industry through systematic resource allocation.


The Hospitality and Travel Services sectors play an important role in building and improving the capabilities of units that provide travel related services to the tourists visiting the country. This sector promotes the development of strategic alliances and also favors the adoption of Information Technology to add a competitive edge to the Tourism industry. The travel and tourism sector of Singapore was adversely affected by the SARS virus breakout, which lowered traveling to Singapore. However, since the stabilization of the SARS condition, the insecurities of travelers have reduced.

In their efforts to maintain a competitive edge and promote higher levels of tourist inflow, the Singapore Government along with the Singapore Tourist Board have been making use of the country’s strengths to promote Singapore as a leisure destination for tourists from all over the world.

The media has been used in a big way to market and promote the concepts and products to visitors so as to enhance Singapore’s appeal as an attractive and “must – visit” tourist destination.

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