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Traveling Abroad? How To Prepare For A Vacation?


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Travelling can be one of the best ways to learn more about new places, cultures and traditions followed in different parts of the world.


Planning a Vacation? Handy Travel Checklist

Traveling to a new country and seeing new places is probably the best way of experiencing life and all that is has to offer! Are you planning a vacation to a exotic country with your family and friends? If you haven't been there before, it is probably a good idea to plan and prepare in advance.

Go through these handy tips before visiting your destination -

1. Do Your Homework

Find out all that there is to know about your destination. If it is a new country where you have never been before, research enough information on the internet, take print outs or go through a guide book for such information as -

  • Climate / Weather / Temperature / Rains around the time of your visit.

  • Currency and conversions for you.

  • Health precautions / immunization and vaccination requirements.

  • A list of Hotels / Inns that fall within your budget.

  • Famous Landmarks, places to see.

  • Local Transportation choices available - Best ways for getting around the city.

2. Safety At All Times

Safety of your family is in your hands. It's always good to be prepared when travelling. Keep the following safety tips in mind

  • Find out about Hospitals and other medical services in the region. Keep these addresses and phone numbers handy.

  • When travelling to a new country, make a small notebook which contains all the important phone numbers back home. In the time of any emergency, you should know who to call.

  • Safeguard your passport and make copies of it.

  • Be careful how you carry money. Carry money in different forms - such as cash, travellers cheque, credit cards etc. It is a good idea not to keep all your money in one place. Just in case your baggage holding all your money gets lost, you would be in deep trouble.

  • If children are travelling with you, be extra careful about carrying everything they might need including medicines. Carry prescriptions of medicines with you just in case.

It is best to have a back up plan at all times! Even if you have made hotel reservations in advance, carry a list of other hotels with their location and telephone numbers just in case there is a problem with your previous bookings and cancellations at the last minute! A little bit of fore thought and planning promises you good times ahead!

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