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Checklist For Thailand - Behaviour, Code Of Conduct

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 Ten Things You Should Not Do In Thailand

Like any country Thailand has her set of rules that every person coming to the place must observe. This will help them avoid trouble with the Thaiís.


Have Your Shoes On Should you find a doorstep with a heap of shoes, the prudent thing to do is to remove yours too. Some places do not allow you to have your shoes on.

No Criticizing Religion or Politics
While in Thailand do not talk ill of the government or of the Buddhist religion. You might not be aware that your host supports the current establishments. Along the same line, is the treatment of the temples as ordinary buildings. Religion is at the centre of their lives and they do not take lightly anyone who contemptís it.

Economic Situation Thais prefer to remain enclosed in their economic situation. You shall not discuss their financial well being or otherwise with them.

Hierarchy of the Body Various parts of the body have varying significance. The head is the most important while the soul should be accorded ultimate respect. The head is therefore not touched casually. The feet get the least regard and you shall never point at someone with it.

Never touch anyone of the opposite sex in public. The Thais have their own reading if a person of the opposite sex touches the other in public.

The Thais have a lot of respect for titles. One will retain a title long after they have left the job. This does not allow you to leave out the title when referring to him.

Going Past Eelders When you are going past a person older than you, you are to lower your head as a sign of respect for them. This is the same case if you are going through a crowded place.

When in a conversation you are required to use your words and not physical signals (gestures) to say what you mean.

Challenging Authority
In a meeting with your seniors, you are required to be submissive. You just listen and do what you are told. Asking questions is avoided unless you want to be seen as
challenging authority.

No Throwing When giving something to your superior you shall never throw it. It is preferred that you support your right hand with your left hand as you pass the item as a show of respect to the senior.

Contributed By Erick Ngosia Wekesa [email protected]

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