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Nashik city en route Shirdi, Maharashtra


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Nashik - More Than Just a Pilgrimage City


Whenever you Google the word "Nashik", the first thing that pops up is the long history of how Lord Rama made it his home during his 14 years in exile. However, it being my hometown, I believe that underneath the pilgrimage temples and a "convenient" place to stay en route to Shirdi, here is a picturesque and beautiful city.

Due to the favorable climate and soil for agriculture, Nashik has vast landscapes of greenery and the flow of Godavari River throughout the city gives a finishing touch to the picture.


Nashik is now also known as the wine capital of the country. This is mainly due to the cultivation of grapes being extensively done for many years and which is now used for maturing into wine. One must not miss a trip to the famous “Sula Wines” which has opened up in Nashik.

This is a place for people of all age groups to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Nashik alongwith a wine tasting tour at Sula (costs Rs.150/-* per head) where you can see how grapes are crushed and matured to make different variety of wines which are tasted all over the country and also enjoy grape crushing with your feet. 


Nashik is a perfect weekend destination for people who want to just relax from the hectic city life and chill in a beautiful atmosphere.

One can enjoy a ride alongside the backwaters to Nashik city, a route few kilometers before Trimbakeshwar and also go to the Gangapur Dam which provides water to the whole of Nashik city.

For the city lovers, there are enough malls to shop and enjoy the city buzz. As for the foreigners, you will feel at home as Nashik has McDonalds and Dominos as well, but one cannot leave the city without eating the Maharashtrian specialty, Misal Pav.

Best time to visit:
July – Dec (anytime)

Contributing Writer:  Tanvi Shiveshvarkar [email protected]

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