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Kolkata - The City of Joy

Last November, my family and I made an impromptu plan to spend a few days vacationing in Kolkata. My most recent though faint memories of Kolkata dated back to the time when Kolkata was still called Calcutta! However, everyone else remembered everything they liked about this city and after making flight reservations and booking our hotel rooms ( a search on Google helped us in narrowing down to a list of hotels on Camac Street, which was a unanimous choice due to its proximity to the scintillating Park Street).


All of us sat down together to draw up a list of places - markets, streets, monuments that were a must-see while in Kolkata. Our aim was to fit in as much as possible since such wonderful holidays had become rare owing to time constraints and life's busy schedules. Flurys was our breakfast joint each morning and we selected from a large choice of restaurants that occupied the length and breadth of Park Street and its neighboring streets for lunch and dinner - Mocambo Restaurant, Waldorf Restaurant, Trinka's, Cha Bar, Magnolia's among others!

Streets of Kolkata - Yellow Taxis

What I liked most about Kolkata the minute I landed there was the ease with which you could find a taxi and reach your destination. Hailing a taxi was easy, uncomplicated, affordable and quick - a sharp contrast to finding an auto or taxi especially for short distances in New Delhi. In fact, we were able to visit so many different places while in Kolkata for just a few days simply because availing local transport was a breeze. No haggling, arguing or fighting needed. Taxi drivers would turn on their taxi meters and take you where you needed to go - simple as that! However, here I must mention that the traffic jams in Kolkata were enough to test the patience of some of the most patient among us!

Kolkata Trams

My absolute favourite part of Kolkata was the Park Street. Shopping in its quaint stores and dining in its age old restaurants took us back several years. The local trams running through the streets of Kolkata reminded me that the old still coexists with the new and modern in this city of the Victoria Memorial and the Hooghly River. In fact, Kolkata is the only city in India that has a fully functional Tram System till date which ply on select routes throughout Kolkata! If you have the time, make sure to experience the Tram Heritage Tour that will take you on a ride as you pass by some of the most important landmarks in Kolkata.

View & Area Around Victoria Memorial

Shopping took us to the AC Market on Theatre Road, New Market and the Vardhman Market on Camac Street, while my sweet tooth to KC Das and Ganguram's. I was amazed to see that there were still so many hand rickshaws in some parts of the city. We visited the famous Lake located at the end of Landsdowne near Southern Avenue. We spent some pleasant moments here walking along the lake, enjoying its peace and serenity.


I was looking forward to visiting the most revered Kali Temple in Kolkata  - the Kali Ghat. However, I got lost in the sea of humanity and got stuck in a stampede. Souvenir Shopping here in the small shops outside the temple is highly recommended too bring back some beautiful Kali pictures, bangles etc. My visit to Kolkata was very enjoyable and memorable.

Contributing Writer : Radhika loves to travel [email protected]

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