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My Goa Trip


Me along with my family went to Goa for a holiday this January. When my father first told us we were going to Goa, I jumped with excitement. We started packing our bags two days before the journey. I packed my favorite clothes and took my swimming suit also. I also bought a beautiful Barbie sunglass. Then, on 22nd we went to Goa on a Volvo Bus and we were to board the bus at Thane near Teen Hath Naka. The bus came a little late, but I was not disheartened. Behind our seat, an old lady was sitting. During the middle of the night when the bus was moving over the hills, she started feeling sick. We felt sorry for her. My mother gave her a piece of lemon and she began to feel better. The road which took us to Goa was very beautiful. The roads were covered with green trees full with flowers of different colors.

The place we arrived in Goa was known as Mapusa. I was astonished when I saw the city. It was a beautiful city and the sun was also shining brightly. We took a taxi to take us to the resort. We reached there after 10 minutes. My father went to the reception for the keys, but the manager said that their resort is overbooked since some of the foreigners had not checked out. They took us to another resort named Aguada Anchorage situated in Sinquirium Beach. The resort was very beautiful and had villas with 3 or 5 rooms. There were lots of trees specially coconut trees and 2 swimming pools inside the resort. This was the place were the reality TV show “PATI PATNI AUR WHO” was cinematized.

They allotted us a 3 room Villa. I was very happy. The name of our villa was Casa De Kapila. It was a very beautiful villa from inside. After sometime, we took a bath. I bathed with my sister Aishi in the bathtub and felt refreshed. I took a detailed look at the house, we had everything needed, it had a well equipped kitchen, washing machine, sitting room with TV, DVD etc. We then went to the restaurant for lunch. The name of the restaurant was Schooner and it was situated beside a swimming pool. In the menu they got a variety of food. My dad ordered some of my favorite dishes. The taste of the food was delicious. After the meal we went to our villa and had a small nap. In the afternoon we went to the nearby beach called Siniquerium. I liked the beach very much. There were lots of fun activities going on like water scooter, parachute, speed boat etc.

My dad allowed me and my mother to have a ride on the water scooter. At first, I was very nervous but soon I started liking it. After this, we all took a speed boat and it took us to another beach called Candolim. It was a long white sand beach and we started walking. The sun was setting and sea was crimson red with the setting sun rays. We walked till the beach called Calangute. This beach was quite crowded. From there we took a taxi and went back to our resort.


The next day we went out at around 10.00 in the morning. When we came out of our resort, one man came and told us that he worked with a club and it was the 17th anniversary of the Club and they are keeping a contest. He gave us 2 coupons and asked me to open the same for prizes. And Presto! I was the winner. He took us to the resort where the club people gave my Dad a presentation on the club for 45 minutes. After that they scratched the card and I won a prize on a free holiday trip to any one of their clubs in India.

Same day, in the afternoon we took a South Goa package tour. We went to a village called 'Mangeshwar' where there is a famous Shiv Temple. It is also the native village of legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosale. Then we went to the famous churches of Goa. The churches were silent though there were many people. Our next spot was to a market where cashew and alcohol are famous. We bought some cashew and they were very tasty. Next we went to a beach called Miramal.

We also had a cruise trip on the river Mandovi. It was a fun filled trip and they had everything for entertainment inside the ship. A group of people were singing and dancing on the ship. We also sang along with them. We returned at our resort after the cruise trip.


The next day we first went to the Calangute beach. The waves were very big. We all had a great bath in the sea. We played with the waves and swam along them. My sister was scared of the waves and she remained in the beach playing with sand. We also went for a boat ride to see Dolphins. Next, we hired a taxi to see all the famous north Goa beaches. First we went to the Vagator Beach. The sand was white in color and there was a hill descending to the sea. There were lots of coconut trees in the hill and as well as on the beach, It is one of the best beaches I have seen. We had a great bath and swimming in the sea. From there we then went to a beach called Anjuna.

It was a rocky beach and we stayed there for 10 minutes. After that, we went to a beach called Baga. It was a beautiful beach. The water was also deep. There were lots of people bathing in the sea. We hired an Umbrella and sat under it for a while and watched the sea and the crowd. We liked the Baga beach so much that in the evening we came here again .The breeze flowing was very pleasant. The small sea side restaurants called shacks were beautifully lit and were crowded. Many people were singing and dancing there. We also had some snacks. It was a pleasant experience spending the evening there.

The next day we were leaving for Bombay. The Bus was to start from Madgao in the evening. But before leaving we were planning to go to a beach called Palolem in South Goa. We checked out from our resort in the morning and hired a taxi. We reached Palolem at about 10.00 am. I can't explain how beautiful Palolem was. It was a quite and calm beach with golden white sand and full of coconut trees. There were hills on both sides of the beach. There was also a small beautiful island across the sea. The water was clear blue and calm. There were lots of foreigners in the beach and swimming in the sea. Myself and my dad had a great swim in the sea and I collected more than hundred shells from inside the water.

After lunch we left for the bus stop at Madgao. I was feeling bad because I was leaving Goa. The next day by 5.00 am we reached Vashi. I would like to say everyone that whoever goes to Goa does not return without pleasant experiences...... See you again! Goa

Contributing Writer:  OINDREE CHAKRABORTY, 9 yrs, Class-IV, Hiranandani Foundation School, Hiranandani Estate, Thane [email protected]

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