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That Waiter Cried

That small boy of hardly 10 years was bound for his school, walking. He wanted to save the bus fare provided by his mother to fulfill his long cherished ambition. To know more details we have to go back to the annual day school function of RAGHU that was celebrated about 6 months back. After the routine snacks, he was served in a big cup a very chilly and butter like substance that they called ICE CREAM. That rosy and sweet dish with its bewitching fragrance melted in his mouth instantly.

It has become his habit to day dream about that dish and on all such occasions his mouth used to automatically secrete plenty of saliva causing him much embarrassment.

Poor RAGHU! He is also a poor child in INDIA whose parents are below the poverty line! As he couldn’t withstand the temptation of tasting that rare item again he had ventured upon saving his bus fare for most of the days by reaching school on foot. He could also locate that high class hotel that serves many varieties of ice creams. But he also lacked courage to enter that hotel and ask for the price of his dream dish.

One day he somehow believed that he had saved enough coins to meet the cost and entered the hotel.

But for some time nobody noticed him mostly due to his tiny size and also a very poor appearance. Meanwhile RAGHU was observing the customers who were relishing various items and some of them even ice cream. His shrewd observation helped him to notice that they were leaving behind some change that were being collected by the waiter with relish. After some time he was spotted by a waiter. Raghu enquired about the price of an ice-cream and was a little bit shocked to hear it costed Rs 40/- He started to count his possession of coins. The waiter was irritated and moved to another table. RAGHU had to call him back again and this time wanted to know the availability of any other cheaper quality.


This time the waiter was even more irritated and declared there is nothing less than Rs 30/- per piece. He frowned and told Raghu not to waste his time.

With due apology for his delay he ordered for the cheaper ice cream and upon its arrival enjoyed his ice cream to his hearts content. He had already counted Rs 30/- with coins of various denomination and tendered it with the bill.

This innocent boy couldn’t even notice that the body language of the waiter was discourteous as compared to others. After some time, when the same waiter returned to the same table, he noticed 2 shiny five rupee coins kept under the cup as tip.

He was shocked and even felt as if he had been slapped by that kid. His heart prayed for that boy as tears fell from his eyes.

Contributing Story Teller j. panchapagesan [email protected]

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