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The Visitor

In a small town, there lived a few rich families. They had their own business and property and earned enough to lead a comfortable life. They had everything they needed. One day, a visitor came from another town. He went to a few houses and saw how people were wasting water.

Mr. Jackson’s garden tap was always open. No one bothered to turn it off. In the Henderson household, all the taps were leaking. Mrs. King left her tap running while she brushed and bathed. Mr. and Mrs. Nichols never bothered to see how their kids were wasting water.


The visitor who was a good citizen did not like what he saw. He explained to the people about the importance of water. “Do you know water is the most important thing in our lives? Is it fair to waste this precious gift of God?” he asked?

“Water is always available, so how can it be precious?” asked Mr. Jackson. “I love playing with water,” chirped the youngest member of the Henderson household. “I have to keep my tap running when I bathe and brush. How is that wasteful,” asked Mrs. King. Mr. and Mrs. Nichols had nothing to say. They thought that the visitor was mad to bother about something like water.

The visitor explained, “Well, water is very important. We need it when we get thirsty. We need it to wash our clothes, utensils etc. Without water we cannot cook food. So water is more important than food.


“I understand now. I need water for my plants and flowers too. If they do not get water, they will dry up and die. I will turn off my garden tap after use, so no water gets wasted,” spoke Mr. Jackson.

“I will get my leaking taps repaired,” added the Henderson couple. “I will only turn the bathroom tap on when I really need it and not before,” said Mrs. King.

Only Mr. and Mrs. Nichols were not bothered about wasting water. Wherever they went, people whispered behind their backs. “There goes the odd couple. They have no sense of responsibility.” Their kids too were laughed at in school for being fools.

The entire neighbourhood took it upon themselves to convince the Nichols family to become responsible human beings and not waste water.

Slowly, the Nichols realized their mistake and started using water carefully. They took care not to waste water anymore & were thankful to the visitor for opening their eyes and helping them to correct their mistake.

Contributing Story Teller  Amita enjoys writing stories with a moral. You can reach her at [email protected]

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