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Hi Mrs. Kapoor! How was your Rakhi!”, Mrs. Shriram asked her inquisitively. But, Mrs. Kapoor was not her usual self. “Oh! Fine. I am bit busy, I shall talk to you tomorrow”, she escaped as if she wanted to save herself from a precarious situation. A week later, Mrs. Shriram met her again. Unlike the last time, she was her usual self.

“What’s new! You look hale and hearty! Is some thing new happening in your life”, Mrs. Shriram's question did not disturb her. “Oh! I am going to Hong Kong, may be I would later visit Singapore. Its going to be a hectic schedule”, she smiled.

“It looks like your husband is the man behind this surprise gift”, But Mrs. Kapoor simply smiled. “As if! You don’t know about his economic condition. How can a honest Government officer afford such pleasure trips. Thanks to bhaisahib! But, bhai sahib is a little bit crazy. He expected me to go for char -dham yatra .It was only when I put my foot down then he agreed.”

“Such a nice person, you never tell me anything about him. What does he do?” , Mrs. Shriram enquired again.  But like other days, Mrs. Kapoor went away without divulging anything. After a month, Mrs. Kapoor met her again. She was in a sombre mood.  “Hello! How was your trip! Did you enjoy it!”, Mrs. Shriram’ questioned her. “Oh! Bhai sahib fell sick. I am really worried about his health. Please pray for him.”


This was the first time when she spoke of her elder brother. “Sure! How is your brother.. would you mind if you reveal something about him.” Mrs. Kapoor hesitantly took a famous name.

“My goodness! Isn’t he the one who plays villain in that famous soap opera.
The way he enacts his role of that cruel character really cuddles my blood.”, Mrs. Shriram spoke excitedly. “That’s true! But, do you know, I am the real villain. It was for me that he put on paint on his face. He was a promising theatre artist, but my education made him join this cine world. He later worked day and night so that he could fund my marriage. He has really sacrificed for me. Even today, he tries to keep me happy”. Her sad voice filled entire atmosphere with a sense of gloom.

“So what’s the problem! You must be proud of your brother”, Mrs. Shriram tried to soothe her.

“Alas, If I had! All these years, I had tried to conceal his identity. May be, I did not want to be known as a sister of a villain. That’s the reason, I never told you anything about him before. But, I sincerely regret my decision. I am the real villain”, tears were flowing down her cheeks.

“You can undo the wrong done to your illustrious brother. Just accept him as he is. After all, he is the real hero!”, Mrs. Shriram could see Mrs. Kapoor’s eyes gleaming.

Contributing Story Teller  Ashish Dimri is a content writer [email protected]

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