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The Truth

Who the hell threw this garbage in my fencing?” “How dare you throw it?” “Why are you seeing me and shouting? Ask the person who threw it.” “I know it should be only you and nobody else” “You have dared to do such a thing, soiling my house” and she threw some garbage inside the other fencing.

Mrs. Nirmala and Mrs. Durga were the ones who were fighting. This was a routine thing for their neighbors. Every day they fought for something or the other. Nobody knew the reason why they were fighting. Few days back it was an interesting scene for the neighbors to listen to them fighting. But as days passed by it became a routine and no one watched them fight.

It all started off with the Mango tree. Both the ladies lived in a government quarters. There was a huge Mango tree which had grown in the middle of the fencing line of both the house. It all started off when Mrs. Durga saw a mango on the tree and tried to pluck it. Mrs. Nirmala claimed that the tree is theirs as they have lived for many years in that quarter and that they have been enjoying the fruits for years now. Only if she wills, she would give some fruits to her neighbors, so started the fight from that day. They would abuse each other and sometimes do things like throwing garbage in each other’s premises.

Mango season had soon arrived and the tree had bloomed into so many beautiful white flowers. Mrs. Nirmala and Mrs. Durga waited for the opportunity to get their hands on the mangoes. On the same tree there was a crow which built its nest. Mrs. Durga’s little son befriended the crow and everyday in the morning when he had his breakfast the crow would fly down to his balcony, and he would feed the crow a little from whatever he ate - from bread to idly and dosa. The crow observed from its nest the two ladies fight every day. And it used to wonder why they fought every day for no reason at all. The crow used to discuss this with its mate, “why do human beings fight for no reason?” But she never received any reply from her mate as he was as clueless as her.

The mango tree had huge delicious and succulent mangoes by the time the crow laid three eggs. One night when the crow was fast asleep on her nest, she heard Mrs. Durga talking to a man, who was dressed in shorts and had a sickle in his hand. The crow tried to understand what she was up to.

“Climb up the tree without making any noise and pluck all the mangoes, put it inside this sack and bring it slowly. Remember don’t make any noise.” And the man nodded his head, like an obedient slave. He climbed the tree, as the crow watched him near a mango. He plucked it slowly and started to fill the sack.

Suddenly the lights were on in Mrs. Nirmala’s house and she started abusing Mrs. Durga for what she was doing. She called her a thief. While Mrs. Durga said that she was plucking mangoes of the tree and it was her right as the roots are on her fence too. Their noise woke up the neighborhood people. People started to jeer out of their windows and see what the issue was this time between the two ladies.  Their husbands had to intervene and stop them from making a fool of themselves. They said to each other no one will pluck the fruits henceforth. The eggs soon hatched and the fruits from the tree ripened and started falling down. Nobody could enjoy the delicious mangoes, other than the squirrels, parrots, and few beggars who picked them from the roadside.

The crow saw the whole scene and said to her chicks “children learn to be good, unlike humans”.

Contributing Story Teller  Leena Bose, I am a creative writer. I have a triple masters in Literature and Mass communication. I love to write and I started writing at the age of 16. I am a freelancer for Women's Era, a Times group magazine. I love challenges in life and also my profession. I am a go-getter and believe in teamwork rather than be a one women army.

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