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Son of Soil

My new boss, Neelkanta asked me if I would like a trip to the  Himalayan village. I nodded positively "Nevertheless, you must understand, it will be quite tough; he spoke in a gentle manner.  Sir, you do not have to tell me, I belong to that place, a true son of the soil", I responded. I always made fun of Neelkanta but he took it in good spirit.

He smiled as usual. Next day we were in the hilly environs of Himalayas. We soon got a good lodge to stay. It was quite packed. "What is the reason? Why is it packed with so many guests?", Neelkanta asked.

"Oh! Sir they are here for a meeting. You know, they are planning to open a school" the lonely attendant replied. "Where is your sahib?", Neelkanta gently asked.

"Colonel Sahib doesn't stay here. He comes during the peak season with other staff members. I do not have parents - lost them in a bus accident last year!" He answered innocently.

Being tired we soon dozed off. Next day our sleep was interrupted by shrill cries of a young boy. A burly man was beating the boy. "What is the reason, do not hit him", Neelkanta said "Let him pay for his deeds", a woman answered back. "Yes Bhai ji! This crook needs a good thrashing", a young man added.

"However, may I know what happened?", Neelkanta asked. "We told him that we need hot cups of tea but see his gall, he kept sleeping", and the woman was fuming "Do not forget about that Neembu pani", burly man responded. "God knows! I did knock at your room but you all did not respond", the young boy replied.

"You mean to say that we are liars?"; another man slapped him "Do not hit him any more", Neelkanta intervened. "Leave aside this matter", I tried to defuse the situation. "No these people cannot get away like this.

Stop hitting him; else, I shall take action against you. Do not forget this boy is also a son of your soil. I will take him with me and treat him as my own" His aggressive stance was seen as a signal and everyone soon backed off. "Hi son of soil! Why are so silent? ", Neelkanta asked with a smile. "Not me but you are a true son of the soil", I spoke with misty eyes.

Contributing Story Teller :
Ashish Dimri is a journalist. He is M.A. (Mass communication). He is a regular contributor to content He tries to present unseen aspects of life

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