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On A Saturday

I love Saturdays. There was no school on Saturdays and we have always had our days off. The Friday evenings were always special because the next day was Saturday and it was our day off!

We live near the hill side and have to travel far to our school. There are some days I take the cycle and some days travel by the town bus. My mother teaches in the same school in the elementary sections. So both of us take the town bus and travel to our school, though I love to cycle along the hill side.

Saturdays are the days spent playing with friends in the morning and after the mid-day meal with mother, both of us catch up on a Saturday matinee in Television. This is our routine after father passed away two years back. Mother hardly goes out and hence I spend all my Saturday afternoons with her.

I just walked into the house after the games with my friends and could smell mother cook in the kitchen. The meals on Saturdays are very special and mother really takes her time to prepare lunch. I love the meal on Saturdays! I entered the bed room and thought will read a book till the lunch is prepared. I sat in my bed with a book in my hand and started reading. Slowly my eyes dozed off and I fell asleep……..

My mother’s voice came through the kitchen and she wanted to me to buy her few things from the market place so that she can prepare her mid-day meal. I took the money from her hand, wore my shirt and stepped out of the house. There was a slight drizzle and I stopped for a second. Should I carry an umbrella??? Then I decided against it, I love the rains. And it was only a drizzle. So I just started out of my house and would have walked only a few distances when the rain came down so heavy. I was afraid the money in my hand would get wet and started looking out for shelter. I increased my pace and began to run and walk at the same time. The rain stopped all of a sudden. “Oh! The passing clouds” I thought and started to walk looking at the sky.

The sky was cloudy though, and with my experience living in the hills, I could say it might start to rain again. Looking at the ever so beautiful sky, I failed to see a dog lying on the road (sleeping) and accidentally had stepped on it. I got scared and the dog was looking at me menacingly!

Taken aback, I started to run not knowing what to do. Turned back to see, the dog chasing me, I started to increase my pace! I have lived in the hills all my life and hence knew the place so well! I ran so hard and hard and knowing all the short-cuts and dirty streets, ran with full speed.  

I turned around the corner and stopped to look back to see if the dog was still behind me. Wow! The dog was not there and heaped a sigh of relief. I slowed down my pace, and slowly began to walk. I stopped for some time to understand the exact location where I was in and how to get to the market place from here.

The market was still few streets away, and slowly started to walk thinking what all had happened in few seconds. Rain, the dog chase and finally here am walking towards the market!

I just crossed the post-office, when I noticed the dog. Yes, the same dog but now with all its friends! There were a bunch of dogs all looking menacingly at me! I slowly started to walk backwards saying silent prayers. I stepped on a stone, with a thud fell down on the road. All the dogs surrounded me and I looked helplessly at the sky calling for help.

Shaking my head, I got up. Ashamed that I had actually screamed in my sleep and it was only a dream, I left the room to wash my face. I wanted to eat and was hungry. My mother came out of the kitchen and handed me the money. “Can you buy these for me from the market? She asked, the meal will be ready in 30 minutes”. I wore my shirt, took the money and stepped out. I looked up at the sky, a rain drop fell on my cheeks. Should I carry an umbrella? I thought to my self, but then my love for the rains changed my decision and I decided against carrying an umbrella.

I slowly walked towards the market place looking at the beautiful sky! The sky was usually mixed with so many colors – pink, blue, grey, and white but now it was only grey. It was getting cloudy and I expected it to pour any time now. It always pours when it rains by the hills, and I was wondering if I should have carried my umbrella with me! Looking at the sky and analyzing the rain clouds, I accidentally stepped on a sleeping dog……..!

Contributing Story Teller  Ranjani, Age - 30 Employed with Scope Intl Pvt Ltd (a Subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank) Residing - In Chennai [email protected]

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