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Sandra's Umbrella

Sandra was an orphan who lived in a small shed all by herself. She had decorated her small room and made it as comfortable as possible. She called her shed "Sweetie Pie".

Sandra used to help the neighbours with whatever help they wanted and got some money in return. Sometimes people gave her old clothes, bed sheets, buckets etc in return for her help whether inside the house or in the garden. She was a strong girl of 10 and could work hard. Some people gave her a free meal or boxes of chocolates and biscuits. Sandra loved her neighbours and did not mind helping them do menial tasks too. She was polite and courteous and always had a charming smile on her cute face.

One day, as she was helping Mrs. O' Neil in the garden, she was called by a stranger to come and meet her when she was free. After some time, Sandra met the new woman outside the gate of the O' Neil house. Wincy, the new woman in the neighbourhood was waiting in her car which was parked round the corner.

Wincy took Sandra in her car and they both drove outside the town. There Sandra saw a small blue colored cottage, which Wincy said belonged to her. She took the little girl inside, gave her a hearty meal of roasted chicken, mixed vegetables, dinner roles, rice pudding and strawberries.

Sandra's UmbrellaAfter this, Wincy gave Sandra a small umbrella and told her it was a magical one. She was to keep it with her and if ever she was in any kind of difficulty, she was to open the umbrella and call 'Wincy help me'. "I will instantly solve your problem. You know, I am actually a fairy Sandra and I reward good children with my magical umbrella that has problem solving abilities. Remember, children who become greedy and open the umbrella just to get chocolates and stuff all the time, do not get any help from the umbrella." Sandra thanked Wincy and promised not to ask favours from the umbrella unless she really required something badly. Wincy told her she would give her a small cycle to go places and a small cottage to live in.

The rest of the amenities of life, Sandra would have to earn for herself. The fairy asked Sandra to open the umbrella and say the words 'Wincy help me'. Just then, a small bicycle appeared at the open door, pink and blue in colors with golden and silvery satin ribbons tied to its handles. Sandra was overjoyed with happiness and thankfulness. "Go home Sandra and you will see your new cottage." "Thank you so much dear Wincy," said the little girl hugging the kind hearted fairy. Saying bye bye to the good fairy, little Sandra started peddling her new bike. She went along singing happily.

When she reached her shed, she saw that it had disappeared and in its place stood a strawberry and cream colored tiny cottage with a red and white gate, a pathway and a small garden full of flowers. Sandra parked her bike near the open front door. Inside there was a small bedroom, a bath, a living room and a small kitchen.

All her belongings were kept in one corner of the living room with a note from Wincy which said 'Dearest Sandra, do keep the best things from your old  pile and throw away what is not required. If you will be good for a month, the umbrella will furnish your house. Sandra danced with happiness going around the house. She then began the task of settling her old things in her new cottage. She kept the rickety old bed and cupboard for now deciding to change them later.

She kept only her good clothes which were very few and threw away the rest. Among other things she kept were a few utensils, her one pair of good shoe, her small bag and a few trinkets which she had collected over the years. The other useless knick knacks she threw out.

One week went by during which Sandra helped quite a few of her neighbours doing odd jobs. At the end of the week, she had collected enough money to buy some clothes and a small table and chair. She opened the umbrella and said 'Wincy help me'. Just then, Wincey appeared and wanted to know what was it she needed.

"Could I have a fridge, a linen cupboard and a new bed?" "Sure you can, Sandra and since you have been a very good girl, I will also get your house furnished." Within five minutes, a carpet appeared, there were curtains at the windows and doors, and the linen cupboard was stocked with sheets, towels etc. Before going, Wincy said "Now all you need are parents. You will get them too soon!" She then left Sandra kissing her goodbye.

The next month saw Sandra going to get vegetables at the market for Mrs. Hannah, her next door neighbour. There she met a sweet couple, Mary and Samuel who had come to this town on that same day and were looking for a place to stay. Sandra liked their kind, cheerful faces and invited them to stay with her.

She gave them her bedroom and made a corner of the living room her own. Mary cooked and cleaned while Samuel helped Sandra with the work she did for her neighbours. Sandra had become very fond of Mary and Samuel and called them mum and dad. She remembered Wincy telling her she would need parents and so she adopted them as her own.

She asked the help of the umbrella to get new clothes for her parents and a cycle for Samuel. The umbrella also helped them to celebrate Christmas in a wonderful way.

It got for them a lovely tree, Christmas gifts and lots of new clothes. Mary was able to give a party and she invited all her neighbours and baked a delicious Christmas cake. It was Sandra's first Christmas with her new parents and she was immensely happy. She thanked God and silently wished Merry Christmas to Wincy, her fairy Godmother. 

Contributing Story Teller:  Amita enjoys writing poems and stories for children. She has strong editing and translation skills.

Want to get a short story written for children? Do you want someone to write inspirational stories for your magazines, website or newsletter? Contact her at [email protected]

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