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Pleasant Day

"Anoop, I am not going to host this guy", I spoke with anger. "But Bhai ji! I have already made a commitment and you have to save me this time", he spoke in his child like manner.

"Not again. Remember what you did at pawar's house. Once you start drinking. You are not in your senses". I continued "Not my fault, it was because of that Mano who wanted me to taste a new cocktail!" he protested.

"No explanation!" I was livid with anger. "But why only me, even Mr.Raturi was enjoying his drinks" he clarified "What about those kids! All were shouting uncle do not spoil our party". , I continued. "OK! I agree but please help me this time"; he smiled as usual.

I had no option because Anoop was not only related to me but was like my younger sibling.

But I hate this so-called Santosh Gairolla.I remember, how this person called me nothing less than a monkey in his mails. This person was the only one who was damn too serious and presented views in an articulate manner.

I had no option but to host this person who I feel was afflicted with male ego. Oh god! Why did you do this to me? Things that do not interest me will spoil this pleasant day. I thought might be I would be saved in last hour. Dreading for the worst, I reached my home.

I saw no vehicle so was assured that I had a valid reason to opt out of mule's work I was rehearsing.

But I heard Ma talking in her talkative manner with some one. " Its male ego! .I do not know why he keeps on creating problem for others". I became agitated. What is this! Why every body takes me for granted. I wanted to give a fitting reply to these guys. As I entered in, I saw a beautiful lady conversing with ma.

"Oh. Where were you? Anoop sent her. And what a girl. She not only helped me in kitchen but also happens to a good-natured person. I told her not to go anywhere. Do take care of this beautiful child."

"Hello! I am Santosh Gairolla.I"; she spoke in her sweet voice.

"My car broke down so reached so late". Her beautiful eyes were on me. I was soon captivated by her influence .All that anger vanished like a bubble "Anoop why do not you send such guests often!" I thanked him profusely. I thanked god for making my day.

Contributing Story Teller :
Ashish Dimri, MA(Mass Comm.) is a journalist. He firmly believes that he is a medium of many unknown and unseen sagas. and for him, nothing could be presented than stories.

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