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Only Original

"Great! This seems to be the perfect plot. "Mother scolding son for being unmannered, father too giving a tip or two on how to behave in society- son disgusted with shackles of rules." "But Sir, this seems to be inspired from Mrs. Tazeen's story "The cool brat"" said Lucy, the secretary. "Is it so? asked Only original- the writer true to his name. Then wait, let me think of some other interesting plot. Only original surely did feel like looking up through the scripts thrown away as "being inspired" based on Lucy's extensive research on scripts and their origin.

Sir, some people say- nothing is original in this world. Moreover, I have heard that there are only 36 basic plots, based on which any script of the world is made up. "See, Lucy, I am not going to give up on originality. Ok, how's this? A keen on joining politics- forced into army by parents- goes – performs well in the war-however deliberately messes up- joins politics eventually" I am sure this will work."

"But Sir, this again is similar to the content of the script penned by the late veteran author. He has taken the same plot in his script "Focus takes care of itself"

Dismayed, Only original informed Lucy that he was having a break and would have a good walk which would recharge him. He also assigned Lucy the task of going through some extra scripts he had written and which were unused. As Only original moved out of his office "WritePlace", he saw two friends having a discussion on whether one should follow his heart or conform to rules while choosing a way of life. He made a note of this in his mind's treasury of thoughts and continued ahead. Hardly had he walked ten steps further than he came across a wonderful couple having romance, arms in arms, eyes set towards the sky, lips uttering love's promise.

On waiting, he saw that the girl expressed her concern about her future, to which the guy said that he was planning to join his dad's business. That seemed to not go well with her and they chose to part after a heavy war of words for an hour or so. This too inspired Only original and he grasped the whole scene, stored in mind to use later on.

"This is Dean- Project manager of "Imagination Publishers". Sir, when are we receiving your manuscript? We have already made arrangements for publicity and other promotional events." – Only original just said, "Mr. Dean. I am almost ready with it. Shall submit in a day or two."

"Sir, I went through the extra scripts you had penned."
"How are they? I am sure one or two of them have potential to be nominated for Oscars"
"Sorry Sir. All of them have some or other resemblance with some published work. The case of twin brother of an army officer taking charge of his expired brother has already been used and was nominated and also won an Oscar."
"See, I told you!"
"But Sir, now it won't! People will only refer to you as someone who has worked on a remake of the legend."
"Lucy, you know, had I been born at least a hundred years ago, I would have been read by people of today's generation!"
"Yes, Sir, I know. You have the potential"

As the cell phone of Only original beeped again, he got frustrated and seemed lost for ideas.
"Lucy, I am sure, no one must have penned a script on a writer's secretary. Come on, tell me your story. I will give twists and turns, add spice and make it a great read, and on hand it over to hat silly Dean, that project manager who feels the world is going to stop if I submit my manuscript few days late."

"But Sir, a script already features on a struggling writer's secretary who later on herself becomes a great writer."
"Okay then, we don't make the secretary a writer. We keep her a secretary. That would work."
"Sir, there would be an absence of a particular plot in that case."

Only original racked his brains and soon his memory stirred up. It reminded him of the two plots he had conceived by being inspired when he was on a walk. "Okay, how's this? Two friends – one chooses the profession his heart tells him to- the other chooses what's chosen for him by others- the former succeeds- later repents."
"Sir, it's too cliché and has been used and abused"

"How about this couple in love? Fiancée leaving her fiancé as he is considered incapable owing to the fact that he was joining his father in business? Then eventually fiancé does very well with his father- marries his ex's friend who was far less beautiful- ex- feels foolish and repents."
"Sir, it's on the same lines as that of Inkling's one-act play "In love, you don't fear"

With just two hours left for the deadline, Onlyorigial started writing something. Pages and pages started getting filled. Lucy got juice for the engrossed writer. HE smiled as he looked up for a moment. Then started penning the masterpiece again, smiling without reason in between, moving his hands on his beard, scratching his head to ensure his was going to be a great script. "Sir, please tell me what's the script about. No Lucy, I am not going to tell you. You have disappointed me enough. Let me work on my own."

As Only original approached the fortieth page of his script, he thought of sharing his script with Lucy.
It was exactly 1.30 p.m. The door bell rang. Lucy went to open the door.

"Mr. Only original, you have kept us waiting too long now. I hope you must be through with your script." Dean said
"Sir, please tell me what's the script about?" "Oh, Lucy! I saw that so many ideas though original went waste as someone in the past also got inspired by it. Finally, I said- enough is enough. I thought hard and then settled on a script which I am sure would have been unheard.

"What is so special about it, Sir?"
"Mr. Only original, please give the script fast"
"Just a minute, Dean. Hey, Lucy, the script is on me, my story as a writer, a writer who always pens original stuff. "
"But Sir…"
"Now what? What's the problem?"
"Sir, you remember you were covered by "Diamond in the dust" show?"
"Yes, I do. What about it?
"Sir, the editorial assistant Kim got so impressed by your stress on being original that he thought of working on a subject that would have your story. In fact, I helped her towards this and gave her facts about your life. The book titled "Stay original – inspire" is already a bestseller!"

"Oh Lucy! Where do I search for an original idea? Tell me what's original? Someone help me."
"Sorry, Mr. Only original you have failed to meet the deadline. We withdraw the contract. Have a good day. See you." – said Dean
"Lucy, let's fall in love!"
"Why Sir?"
"I am sure, it will be an original story of ours then. Writer marries secretary. The duo makes a big hit in the writing world. What say?"
"Dear Only original- there is no such script. I am sure it will work"
As Only original and Lucy gave themselves to the hugs and kisses, Dean approved of this script and came back with the cheque of 25000 USD due to Only original.

"Lucy, being original helps, what say?" "Yes, darling!"

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Contributing Story Teller Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia is a 28 year young poet and has lately been dabbling in short story writing. [email protected]

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