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Only Original in Trouble

Lucy, this time, it's not going to be easy. This time, the publishers have asked me to prove that the similarity of my stories with previously published work is a mere coincidence and not an act of copying. How on earth will I be able to do that?

Good gracious, I am in deep trouble. Don't worry darling husband. Set your original mind to work and I am sure you will come up with a way out.

Hmm, let's see. My next book is already done. So I am free to give time to plan a way out of this trouble. By the way, what is the title of your new book? "Ask your heart. It knows everything" Don't mind darling, but what kind of book is this? Does it cater to the tastes of spiritual souls? Or has it got something to do with positive thinking?

Well, the book says that things and life in general are very simple. If lost on your way on any path of life, just ask your heart. It will give you the answers.

Then, why don't you ask your heart at this juncture of time when a problem faces you?
Tell me Lucy, with whom do you share your birthday?
Why? What happened? I am so glad I married you. You have shown me a way out. Let me ask my heart. Perhaps I may get the answers I seek.
Get started dear.
Lucy, I have spent enough time trying to ask my heart.
And what does it say?
It says, it's testing time. And to prove that my work is original, I will have to seek answers from simple things, like nature, the sun, wind etc.

But I know, it's not going to be simple.
Yes, it's not a case where one has to differentiate real flowers from artificial ones and do so by getting a bee on the real flowers.
We are on the right track, Lucy.
Get some tea for both of us. I am sure we will come out of this soon. Sure Darling.

(As the writer and his inspiration, his wife shared talks over the cuppa, several things of the nature were discussed. Like How does the sun know without wearing a watch that in the evening, it is time for it to set? Why isn't a stream ever afraid that it will forget its journey that leads to the sea? How do the buds respect the raindrops by blooming into fine flowers?

The answer they got and which they both agreed was that they just followed their heart.

Only Original soon seemed to have caught hold of something important. As he put the mug aside, he snapped his fingers while his expressions gave an idea that he was deeply convinced of some thought) Have you been able to find the way out? So soon? No, Lucy. But I have stepped on the path that will enable me to reach my destination. Something is better than nothing. But tell me what is it exactly that has caught your attention? Lucy, give me answers to the questions I ask you. Okay.

With which previous work is my story, "Dance when it's raining" allegedly similar to? "Shake your leg. The showers have wet the earth"
Tell me what is the common theme of both the stories?
That one should not go indoors when it rains and that it's best to dance when raindrops wet the earth's floor.
Which gentleman has penned "Shake your leg. The showers have wet the earth? Mr. Feelhigh
When was his story published?
Two years ago
Ok, now go and make some tea for me.
I don't get this. What are you upto?

Surely, something original darling. Get some tea for me and yes, call your friend Sweetlime to come and join us.
Okay. As you say. (In a short while, Sweetlime dropped in at Only Original's and Lucy got the tea made for Only Original.)

Sweetlime, do you mind making some tea for me? Sure, why not? (Sweetlime went and fast prepared a cup of tea for Only Original. Soon the two mugs of tea lay in front of Only Original. While the lost faces of Sweetlime and Lucy looked at each other, Only Original seemed to be confident about something.) Now Lucy, taste your self-made tea and the one prepared by Sweetlime. Tell me the difference.

(Lucy did as she was asked)
Honey, there's no difference in the taste Exactly. Similarly, though the common theme of "Dance when it's raining" and "Shake your leg. The showers have wet the earth" exists, the elements differ. The treatment differs, yet both have the potential to come across as similar, just as the taste of the tea in these mugs. So, my work is done. Originality may lead one to a track already walked by someone, but one may not know it.
So, we are out of trouble. Yes.

So, what next? Wait till I convince the judge about this and as soon as I receive approval from the publishers, "Ask your heart. It has all the answers" will be the first thing I will look forward to.

As Only Original wore an expression of triumph on his face after the judge subscribed to the argument given by him, Lucy and Sweetlime struggled as they tried to find difference between the tea made by them.

As Only Original came out of the court, he told Lucy, Darling, there was a difference between the tea made by you and Sweetlime. What was the difference, - Lucy and Sweetlime asked in chorus?
Well, the one made by Lucy had the extra flavour of HEARTFELT LOVE
Fast, move out of here. Otherwise, you may be welcomed by another order to prove your original work. (The three of them made a move right towards Only Original's and had a lot of fun together. Only original was out of trouble and free to work on his forthcoming titles.)

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Contributing Story Teller Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia is a 28 year young poet and has lately been dabbling in short story writing.

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