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Only original at the Intellectual Property Rights Annual Conference

Original is the sparkle of the sun which shines every morning
Original is the hope that leads every new beginning
Original is the concern a mother has for her child
Original is the ruggedness of the wild
Original is the spirit that helps you to go on and on
Original is the smile of a new-born

So said 'Only Original' at the Intellectual Property Rights Annual Conference (IPRAC) in the capacity of the chief guest. The original verse was well lauded with loud claps and smiles that reflected acceptance.

As he was guided to a special meeting on how to curb piracy and plagiarism, Only Original opined, "While I am always for originality, I firmly believe that creativity is a deep sea and that ironically, the one who is original seldom needs protection."

The chair person of IPRAC Cop Anti-copy was shocked. "Do you mean to say, Mr. Only Original, that writers who strain their brains and come up with nice stories not before years of hard work and dedication should not mind someone else using their ideas?"

Only Original was fully prepared, "I do not mean to say that. I believe that while it takes time to come up with original ideas, the original creative soul will make better use of time for better and more ideas. To that extent, he is future-oriented. Tell me does a rose stop blooming if someone uses its fragrance?"

"Let me put it this way", he summed up, "Originality is more of a virtue for those who practice it than it is a source of power to be complacent."

"There may be many tubelights and artificial sources of light, but only one sun Who doesn't stop shining just because it is imitated by everyone
Not afraid, not scared, but rather a doer it is
The true symbol of originality, it is", Only Original's poetic explanation continued.

There were many literary stalwarts present there, a few of which did not quite agree to Mr Only Original. One among them was the author of the proclaimed book on passion of writing, 'Sink in Ink', Mr Pendrive.

He put forth his case, "Only Original, let me ask you a question. What do you write for?"
Only Original said, "Well, I only know I exist to write which would certainly mean that I write for my passion."

Why are you misguiding so many young writers present over here, who apart from their passion also have to think of the penny, asked Pendrive

"One who rides on the horses of passion Need not think of the penny. If he galloped well enough, Passion will lead the penny"

"Impressive verse, I say but am sorry, it lacks practical sense" was Pendrive's comment on the verse.

Only Original now realized he would have to speak Pendrive's 'level-headed' language. He asked the latter, "Mr Pendrive, you are an established writer. Tell me, in your career spanning 30 years, how many books have you got published?"

Pendrive replied, "Fifteen- but all of them have been masterpieces and I have been laughing all the way to the bank, thanks to the loads of money I get as royalties." And I believe you would also be busy with the plagiarism cases that you must have filed against your 'imitators'? asked Only Original

"Yes, that's the reason I am getting to write less these days", explained Pendrive

Only Original said, "I have got 90 books published, but none of them have been masterpieces. However, many of them have been imitated but I have not filed any cases against any of them. Many of my books don't sell in big quantities, but my idea factory is busy churning out potential story ideas every now and then."

"Wealth follows work So better focus on work Let work be worship Over fear of less or desire to have more wealth Don't lose your sleep"

So poeticized Only Original. Pendrive was a bit taken aback. He realized he had not written anything new in the last five years and the writer inside him did get a bit worked out. Noticing the expressions on his face, Only Original said "Art yields commerce But artists are better placed in the world of art Commerce will follow
Only if you follow your heart"

A light-hearted Pendrive got the inspiration to write something new. He thanked Only Original and Only Original too became receptive of the idea that it would be practical in some cases to protect your work. The fraternity present at the IPR conference went back with a balanced view on varied aspects of writing. Only Original, though went away satisfied that he stirred a lot may creative workshops to dish out original ideas and stories.

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Contributing Story Teller Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia is a 28 year young poet and has lately been dabbling in short story writing.

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