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Clean Conscience - Biggest Gift - Says Only Original

A clean conscience is the biggest wealth, says Only Original.

Work was going on as usual at ‘Write House’ where Only original escaped into the world of make-believe- wrestling his mind to come up with yet another original plot. Lucy was busy giving story ideas to Only Original while the latter was glaring at an empty pad for the seventeenth hour now.

“It is so easy to stand for originality-but it is so difficult to live up to it”, said Only Original. Lucy nodded in agreement, “Yes sweetheart-there are so many content writers who merrily take ‘inspiration’ from so many plots available on the net.” Lucy, tell me what do you think about this plot-

There is a kite flying competition held between students of Class X at Bright learning school. Around 50 students participate in the competition. Jack, an aggressive aspirant is keen to win the competition- and is almost about to win it-however when he notices that his kite may chop off a pigeon’s head, he lets his kite down after which someone else cuts away his kite.

Jack, as expected doesn’t win the competition- however when he leaves the venue of the competition, a whole array of pigeons thanks him by waving in gratitude. Jack is overwhelmed by the gesture. Jack loses the competition but wins happiness- is he a winner or not- the debate begins between two professors- Perfector and Victorart. While Perfector argues that Jack lost a competition he could have easily won, Victorart opined that victory and defeat are after-all meant to encourage acts that make the world better-though not a winner by definition, Jack was a winner by action.

The debate gets so hot that the principal of the school-Preserver has to intervene. Preserver votes in favour of Victorart. Many years later, Jack, after finishing his management course, gets a good job at a multi-national firm-Informate operating in the investment banking business. He gets into a situation where he was going through his worst ever quarter- the analysis was proving to be inaccurate- the corporate investors started doubting the firm’s credibility etc.

At such a time, Jack was approached by Mandate-a broking house which lured him into fudging his estimates on certain companies where the house had some stakes, for some good consideration. The broking houses were indulging in unethical practices and quietly influencing the stock prices of many companies. Jack had the habit of doing long-term analysis and had full faith in his estimates. When this bad phase struck him, however few people trusted his upright nature.

Jack refused to mislead his investors, keeping in mind the long-term view. Since Jack refused, John, another analyst at Informate was approached. John was street-smart and cared a dime about ethics and morals. Moreover, he was aware that since Mandate was influencing the prices, at least in the short run, he will benefit by way of accurate predictions. John was able to improve his image as well as that of the organisation’s as his liaison with
Mandate did the trick.

Jack was obviously disappointed- he wondered whether it was so difficult to be ethical and have a good life and be respected- he, who was sincerely doing his work was doubted, while John, with his street-smart ways was going up the ladder.

Jack went to the terrace of his building one day after leaving early from office. He saw quite a few kites flying. Suddenly a bird was racing towards one of the kites, unaware of the fact that its strong string could slit its neck. The young boy, whose kite could have troubled the bird lowered it and sensed a relief. Jack couldn’t help rewind into the past which played a similar scene in his life. He somehow could muster courage to be convinced that rightness has to emerge from kindness and not necessarily from a winning strategy.

Jack and John both stayed in the same organization. John had now gone up the ranks and Jack was working under him. John would often suggest Jack to mend his ways and be a bit shrewder in his profession. John wouldn’t budge and say, “The day my conscience starts pricking me, I will immediately become a poor man.”

“So you think you are a rich man today?” asked an annoyed John
Nonplussed, Jack said, “Yes, a clean conscience is the biggest wealth.”
After a couple of years, a probe was ordered into the transactions of Informate after quite a few serious investors complained of extremely high valuations of companies which had hardly started their operations. A case was filed against Informate and John was also arrested after he was found seriously guilty.

He met Jack before going to prison and said, “You are right my friend.” A clean conscience is the biggest wealth, on any path A victor is one who carries a kind heart

Winning by misleading is an illusion of ranks A clean conscience is the biggest of all banks” Jack got a chance to reinforce his beliefs with greater faith than before. Only Original found Lucy approving of the story and immediately sent a manuscript to ‘Pennings’ publishers who wasted no time in going ahead with publishing the story.

The publishers said that though it was a beaten plot, the examples used to convey the message-especially that of childhood was quite impressive. Only Original added one more original story to his ‘Write House’.

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Contributing Story Teller Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia is a 28 year young poet and has lately been dabbling in short story writing.

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