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One More

Oh Babu! All the seats have been occupied. Don't you know that general entry is for half an hour?, the cop asked me sternly. I was shocked to learn that despite my efforts, I would not make it to Swamiji's transformation camp.

Swami had been praised as one of the ignited minds of this century. His weekly column in a national daily was nothing but seen as sheer wisdom. Swami never came out of his grand ashram, which was flooded with masses. Oh Lord! Why did you deny me this golden opportunity, I cursed my self. Sudden thirst made me walk towards a teashop. Though it was full, still I was given seat in a warm manner. As I was having my tea, the old teashop owner probed, "Babu! Is something bothering you?"

I told him about everything in a childlike manner. "Oh! One more!" He laughed heartily. "What do you mean?", I was puzzled "Many like you come to this place in false hope. Do you think that so called scholar is a demigod. Do you see him as an agent of change in your life?

No he is not but many like you out of ignorance spread his glory. If young men like you will not use wits, then why blame the uneducated classes." He spoke seriously. "How can you say that?" I enquired angrily.

"Because we both are in the same boat. I too came here in false hope and learnt that the one who talks of renunciation is attached with materialism. For many months, I saw that is only hype that is a boon for such self centered men. If you need change then do some thing good for the underprivileged. After watching this sheer hypocrisy, I changed my way and stared this shop." He made his point

I was shocked by his remark. "But why only here", I was trying hard to negate his truth. "It serves two purposes for it brings some income and I also get a chance to remove misconceptions," he reasoned.

 Suddenly, I felt I did not want to be part of this mad crowd. I thanked him with misty eyes and got up.

Contributing Story Teller
Ashish Dimri is a journalist. He is a post graduate in Mass communication and contributes to [email protected]

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