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Not Just Games

Chinkesh and Chandru, both 10 years young could never tire of playing with marbles and tops. At a nice courtyard that separated the nice little houses of these two, everyday the sight of the revolving top and noise of marbles caught attention of passers by.

Every day, from morning to dusk, Chinkesh and Chandru, clad in shorts and summer tee shirts immersed themselves in these two games. When there was a reason to celebrate, the activities continued a little longer.

For example, when Chinkesh scored the first rank, his idea of celebrating it was to release the top ‘Anand’ from the string which was wound around it and then with a stroke, pull it directly to his palm.

Chandru decided to strike a marble at a faraway distance with his special white coloured marble, which he affectionately called ‘charmy’, whenever he wanted to celebrate his success.

Many years passed. Chandru and Chinkesh now were now in their junior college, -but continued to be in touch through these games - though as much as their busy schedules could accommodate. These two activities meant more to them than just being childhood games.

Anand and Charmy continued to be part of their lives day in and day out. After their college was over, a sudden phase of trying times hit both the friends. Their lives became busier, they found little time for their games and even to meet each other, once in a while. Moreover, with the pressure of studies mounting on them, they seemed to become more irritable with family members. Somehow, slowly and gradually, joy seemed to be moving out from their lives like air vanishes from an open balloon. The sadness could be read on their faces every day.

Once, the two of them decided to meet as they felt that would help them sort things out. The two of them met at one of their favourite hangouts affectionately called ‘Find yourself-unwind yourself’. Chandru started off first-‘Chinkesh, since the past couple of years, life is not all that great. In fact I strongly feel something is missing.”

Chinkesh echoed similar feelings saying, “Yes, Chandru. We are both keen to get the life we had earlier.” Both of them asked each other - what is missing from our lives? Chandru asked Chinkesh whether he used to spend time with ‘Anand’ anymore? Chinkesh said that he didn’t know where he misplaced Anand two years back. Chinkesh asked Chandru whether he still shared his success with ‘charmy’?

Chandru said his life had left him with little time for ‘charmy’. Both of them realized that what earlier used to be an integral part of their lives was now missing. They decided to once again find time for their ‘faithful friends’- Anand and charmy in the hope that life would once again smile at them. It did. However, Chandru and Chinkesh were both confused - was the remedy to their problem so simple - a top and a few marbles?

They were discussing this once again at ‘Find yourself-unwind yourself’, when their school professor ‘Vidyasagar’ passed by. He recognised Chandru and Chinkesh immediately and shared warm greetings with them.

Chandru and Chinkesh asked their query to Vidyasagar, to which he said, “Chandru, I remember how charmy used to hit out other marbles as a way to celebrate your success. Chinkesh, I also remember how every moment of joy used to find itself wound around ‘Anand’ your beloved top. Let me tell you, charmy wasn’t just a marble and Anand wasn’t just a top.

Charmy was Chandru’s confidence - his self-belief while Anand was Chinkesh’s heart dancing round and round in joy. Tell me guys, how can a person’s life be happy without his confidence and a happy heart? Chandru and Chinkesh took blessings from Vidyasagar and from thereon, Anand and charmy were attached to the two friends forever

Contributing Story Teller Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia is a 28 year young poet and has lately been dabbling in short story writing. I am thankful to  for providing a good platform for writers like me

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