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Neeli Will Always Be Blue

There was a forest called GreenPuri. It had big green trees and a river called Neeli. The trees in Greenpuri bore many juicy fruits like Mangoes, Apples, Berries, Bananas, Guavas etc. The water of river Neeli was blue in colour and very sweet in taste. All animals lived very happily in GreenPuri. Nanhi sparrow, Chhotu mouse, Raja tiger, Bholu bear, Montu monkey, Tiny ant, Flexi fox and many other animals used to eat the tasty fruits and drink the sweet water of river Neeli.

It was a Sunday morning and Montu monkey woke up to the call of his mummy. "Montu beta, get up, and please bring some water from Neeli river. Some guests will be coming today for lunch. I will go and collect some mangoes and bananas in the meantime."

"Mummy just five more minutes, let me sleep please" Montu replied from his bed. His mummy was already getting late so she told him in a strict manner "Listen beta, it is not good to sleep till late. You should get up and help me in doing household work like good children. Now get the water in this bucket"

Montu finally got up and took the bucket and ran away towards Neeli. He saw that Bholu bear and Nanhi sparrow were sitting at the bank of Neeli and talking something. He took a few big leaps and reached there quickly to join the conversation.But as soon as he reached there, he saw that the water of river Neeli looked black in colour. He turned to Bholu and Nanhi and said "What happened to Neeli, why is the water looking black in colour?"

Bholu replied sadly "We came here to take water but the water was black.We could not understand what has happened. How can we drink this black water?" Nanhi said "Bholu I think we must tell Raja tiger and Flexi fox about this. This is a very serious problem because all trees and animals of our GreenPuri will die without water."

"Ok Nanhi, I will also go home and call mummy. Let us tell everyone about this problem and tell them to gather here" Montu replied and went back home with an empty bucket in his hand.

"Mummy, mummy, come out fast mummy, there is some strange problem in Neeli. Everyone is coming there. Let us go there fast" Montu shouted at the door of his home. "What happened Monti, why are you so worried, and Why didn't you bring water beta?" Mummy asked while coming out.Montu said "Mummy Neeli has become black in colour". They both went to Neeli.

They saw that all animals were sitting at the bank of Neeli.They also sat there. Then Raja tiger stood up and said "My friends, as you all can see, our Neeli which had sweet blue water, has turned black. I am very sad to see this because this water is unfit for drinking and we shall have to bring our water from Fruity forest now, which is very far away."

Tiny ant asked "But Raja uncle, why did it happen? Raja tiger replied "Montu, this happens if waste materials are thrown in river. I once went to city and saw this problem. They used to throw plastic bags, wrappers and many more waste things in river. So it had turned black like our Neeli."

"Oh", thought Montu, so he was responsible for this condition of Neeli. He remembered that he had emptied his dustbin in river Neeli last night, when his mummy told him to throw the waste in the big dustbin of GreenPuri.He was in a hurry and he threw it in Neeli and ran back.

Montu started crying "I am sorry, I wont do it again, Neeli please turn blue again. Please Neeli I promise I will not do it again. I can not go to Fruity everyday to take my water. It is very far away. I am sorry Neeli" And then he woke up, this time his mummy was saying "Montu now get up, your five minutes are over, get the water for me".

"So it was just a dream" Thought Montu. He was very happy. He took the bucket and ran towards Neeli. He saw Neeli blue and beautiful. He tasted the water, which was sweet as ever. "Neeli I will always take care of you and keep you clean, because you are very important to us", said Montu to Neeli while filling his bucket. He had understood the importance of clean water.

Contributing Story Teller:  Vijaya Suryavanshi - write to express myself. I hope that whoever reads my stories enjoys them. When I write a story for children, I make sure that they learn some valuable lessons through the story.

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