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My Search for a TDH Guy

He was tall, dark and handsome (TDH). I had read it the umpteenth time. He had sharp features and deep dark eyes which could look right through you. Could I ever meet such a man? Guess, I had read too many Mills and Boon novels.

This time I vowed I would not pick up M&B and try some other book. With deep determination I marched to the library. After 10 minutes of browsing through so many books I ended up right in front of the M&B section. A new book which I hadnít read caught my eye. With a flicker I picked it up and walked out (not a trace of guilt for having broken my promise).

The picture on the paperback was enigmatic. I was yet to see a man so handsome in real life. He was not tall or dark though he was handsome. I loved the story. But my mind went back to the TDH type of hero. Wish I had picked up another book.

Dreaming of meeting my real life hero one day, I anticipated each day to be that day. It has been two years now and am still looking. My hopes are a wee bit shattered. But all hope is not lost yet. I have loads of time till my parents start searching for a groom for me.

In pursuit of my hero I completed education and landed a job. Many men colleagues approached me for a friendly date. I politely denied those offers. In my heart was the TDH hero who would come in my life (maybe on a black stallion). He would be dashing and would just take me off my feet. Maybe the black stallion was going a bit too far as I was in the crowded city unlike the heroines of the book who lived on ranches. Maybe a high speed BMW would suit the TDH guy. So that was decided.

I walked the streets with my eyes wide open awaiting a BMW to stop by me. The hero would honk and look at me with his deep dark eyes and I would feel my feet almost give away. In a jiffy he would step out of the car to hold me lest I fall. I would feel his strong arms around my waist and another bout of fainting sensation would overcome me. He would lift me off the ground and put me in the car beside him and drive away. But why was he honking so loudly, I wondered. Then there was the sound of screeching brakes and lot of commotion from people around. I was standing in the middle of the street and a car had braked just centimeters away from me. Out came the driver with a frown on his face.

I was so lost in my dream; I had walked off the footpath right onto the middle of the street. I had to thank the driver who had braked in time. I was feeling a bit weak on my knees. Had the car by any chance hit me slightly, maybe just a push before braking? I was feeling faint and all of a sudden he lifted me and put me in his car. He started the car and asked me where I lived. He was explaining that he had braked in time and that I was not hurt. So then why was I feeling so weak? He offered me water and I sipped thankfully. Feeling better I diverted my eyes to the man who had done such a kindly act.

He was fair and not quite so tall, though taller than me I remember while standing in the middle of the street. Must be quite strong too as he had lifted me. He was wearing glasses so I couldnít see his eyes quite clearly (as clearly as I would have loved to). The car was not a BMW!!

With my continual pursuit of a speeding car stopping by me with my TDH type of hero, I went to work. Then I got the shock of my life when my parents announced that they had called someone to ďsee meĒ. This was the moment I was dreading. However much the world had progressed, the boy-girl seeing was still on. I protested and refused to be available at home on that day. How was I to tell them that my dream hero would come looking for me and that they neednít bother?

Before I could recover from my earlier shock I received another shock. One too soon I guess. There outside my door was the guy who had almost knocked me down on the road that day. I wondered what he was doing at my doorstep. Enter my father welcoming him into the house. Now when had they met? He looked much better today than the other day I had to admit.

He looked smart and handsome I admitted to myself grudgingly. My father introduced me to him and left us to chat. That is when I got the third shock (hope this was the last one). This guy had fallen in love with me that day. It was love at first sight for him. He said I had been on his mind constantly for the whole of last week. So, finally he made up his mind and met my parents as he wanted to marry me. So there he was sitting in front of me with a proposal of marriage.

My heart started racing (I donít know why). Confusion was playing havoc inside my mind. But he was not TDH. Okay, he was handsome and yes he had deep dark eyes which looked straight into mine. He was not so dashing but he was a sweet guy. What am I supposed to do? Wait all my life for my TDH hero to come in that BMW or accept this proposal? I have to take a decision. Will my TDH hero come? Are they for real? Does love make you feel weak? He has fallen in love with me. Maybe itís a start. He is a genuine person and not from the books. I have to wake up to reality, and marry this guy. Love would follow...

Contributing Story Teller  Naina Nair, Dubai, UAE. I completed my Post graduate education in Mumbai, India and am presently residing in Dubai, UAE. Writing has been my passion since childhood. I have been writing poems, articles and stories of which some have been published in newspapers and magazines. [email protected]

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