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The Musical Box

Anna lived with her parents in a large township which had lots of factories where the townspeople worked. Her father also worked in a glass factory. His wife Natasha was a singer and she took singing classes at home. She had named her house 'The Music Den'.

Anna could play the violin very well. She had taken classes but it was God's gift that she could play so well as to teach small kids at home. The Harrisons were a hard working, modest family who were liked and admired by one and all.

Anna's granny lived in the neighbouring small town and Anna and her mother visited old Harriet whenever they could. Natasha was always ready to sing at her mother's parties of which there were many. Once in a while, Harriet would visit her daughter and always got a special gift for her grand daughter.

Once one she came, she gave Anna a Musical Box as a gift. "Come here child," she said. "I picked this up at the auction last month. It is a Musical Box which belonged to a girl who lived in the old grange where the new owners had an auction. They have no children so they offered the musical box to be auctioned and I bought it for you Anna dear. Do keep it safely. It is supposed to have special powers." "Thanks a lot granny. I will treasure," smiled Anna happily.

Days passed and Anna's special gift became her prized possession. She kept it on her bedside table. It was shaped like a cottage and when the window of the house was pressed, it played a beautiful melodious tune.

One day Anna was alone at home. Her father was working at the factory and her mother was out shopping. Anna took her musical box and pressed the door instead of the window. To her surprise, the door opened and out came a small doll. It was an ordinary sweet looking doll but the only difference was that it smiled at Anna and gave her a note. The note read - "Anyone who gets this note can come inside and visit us."

Anna spoke aloud - "Well, I can't go in, I am too big." The next second, she was transformed into the size of the doll. It took her hand and pulled her inside. Anna went along a dark passage holding the doll's hand. At the end of the passage was a glass door through which Anna saw the strangest sight her eyes had ever seen.

Inside the room on the other side of the glass door were dolls of every size playing various musical instruments. The doll who was holding her hand opened the handle on the glass door and they both walked inside. The melodious room was decorated with all kinds of flowers which smelled heavenly. There was a fountain in the middle with cool scented water flowing from it.

Each doll had a lovely sweet smiling face and all of them waved at her. Anna sat in a corner and listened to the soothing music for sometime. After about 20 minutes, the same doll who had brought her inside took her out and gave her another note. The note read - "Bye Anna, you can visit us whenever you want."

Anna returned to her normal size again and decided to keep her visit inside her musical box a secret from everyone.

Contributing Story Teller:  Amita enjoys writing stories and poems. She has strong editing and translation skills.  [email protected]

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