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Murder of God

The nature of man is strange. To kill Lord Ram, Ravan jumped into the battlefield. To murder Shri Krishna, Kans tried his best. Bhasmasur took boon from Lord Shanker and then ran behind him to reduce him to ashes and Lord Vishnu somehow saved him. It means that men have tried to omnipotent God.

There was a similar king who dreamed of murdering God. He called his commander-in-chief and ordered him to murder God because he felt that it is because of God  that he is unable to rule upon earth. His Commander-in-chief bowed his head and said to the Kind - “But he is formless, so he cannot be arrested. Then how can he be killed?”

The king became angry and said loudly “what is the investigation department doing”? Tell the department to investigate exactly where God is. You fool! It is continuously said about God that he is omnipresent and he exists in everyone. If my order is not followed within one month, you will be hanged”.

The king's Commander-in-chief went away from the office, but his heart was filled with fear. Hearing the foolish order of the king, he became puzzled. He thought that his end was near. Just then, the Commander thought of a trick. As soon as the stipulated time duration passed, the commander–in-chief came to the king.

The crown full of priceless diamonds on the King's head was glittering like the Sun. He asked his commander-in-chief while twisting his long moustache - “Have you followed my order or not?”

Bowing his head in honour, the commander-in-chief answered “My King, you have said the truth that God is every where. This means that he is within your as well, without a doubt. To arrest God, I must arrest you first and then to murder God, you must be murdered. How can I follow your order in these circumstances? I am just your servant and I am yours faithfully.”

The king wondered how he could give such a foolish order. After feeling guilty about passing this foolish order, he said. “Go away from in front of my eyes and do your work.”

Contributing Story Teller Dr. Ram Sharma is working as a Senior Lecturer In English : Janta Vedic College, Baghpat U.P. ,India [email protected]

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